Chapter 147

Chapter 147: I Will Pack Up All Four Gates Before I Leave (Part one)

Arriving at the director’s office, Xu Cheng knocked on the door, then saluted . The director knew it was him and smiled . “Come and have a seat . ”

Xu Cheng sat down, and the director personally brewed a cup of tea for him and handed it to him .

“How’s the case going?”

“Still working on it . West Gate seems to have close ties with the underground money house, so it’s very likely that one of their bases is in Shangcheng . I want to pull them out . Director, can we give the customs a heads up and tell them to keep an eye on ships heading towards the Wei Nation for the next period of time? They may be transferring a large amount of cash . ”

The director shook his head and said, “That’s not really necessary . If we need to keep an eye on something, it should be land transport within the nation . This is because cash going out to sea is impractical since, unlike US dollars, a large amount of Huaxia currency is basically useless on the international market as it’s not as widely adopted and circulated like US dollars . So, I think they would most likely be transporting it to other cities to wait out the storm . By the way, the higher-ups very much appreciate your work on the West Gate case . You were able to destroy them with zero casualties and injuries, so very well-done . I want to hear about your next plan . ”

“You just reminded me . I think the freight company boss that was just released could be used by the underground money house,” Xu Cheng said .

“Oh?” The director faintly smiled . “What makes you say that?”

“First of all, that guy has the South Asian drug cartel behind him, and they lost a lot of money this time . Most people might think that those two parties would fall out because of this, but I actually think that this freight company president will utilize his network to transport out the cash from the underground money house . Right now, Chang Qing’s confession didn’t really give specific details on the whereabouts of the money house, nor had he been to the place . But, to be safe, the underground money house might still transfer the money out to other cities since no one here can launder it for them anymore . And, I also think that the best bet they have, that the police would tend to overlook, is private cars . ”

“And that’s probably the biggest reason you decided to let go of the freight company’s boss and not investigate further?” The director immediately frowned . “Shangcheng isn’t like any other city, there are tons of private cars that travel between cities and they are mostly middle-class and above . It would be a bit troublesome if you want to search them . Although the city police HQ fully supports your operation, I’m afraid that searching private cars might lead to a lot of trouble and complaints . ”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed . “Director, I know, and that’s why I wanted to run the idea by you first . But this time, I will be leading the search and it will reduce a lot of the troubles . I promise that I will check, but I won’t just check randomly like a clueless fly . And I can also promise to the higher-ups that if the underground money house really decides to transfer funds with private vehicles, I will catch them . ”

Director: “Alright, as long as you are confident . Your performance this time gave the higher-ups a lot of confidence . Since you already have your plan, then I will just wait and see the results . Make sure you do a pretty job on this one too . ”

At that, he changed the topic as he smiled and said, “So, how about it? Do you like working here? I heard your instructor back at the military say that you still wanted to go back? What happened? Accomplishing things here is inferior to accomplishing things in the military?”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled . “I didn’t mean that . Since the beginning, I’m a soldier, and I just want to focus on being a soldier . ”

Chapter 147: I Will Pack Up All Four Gates Before I Leave (Part two)

Director: “But your intelligence isn’t something a thug in the army should have . ”

He patiently tried to persuade Xu Cheng, “Listen to me, Xu Cheng, you have great talent, and sooner or later, you will shine if you stay here . I believe that with you here guarding Shangcheng, the crime rate will definitely go down dramatically . ”

Xu Cheng sighed . “Director, I understand what you mean . Staying behind in Shangcheng to improve the society’s safety is indeed a job that serves the people, and I understand that if I stay, I would have a great shot at fame and power, and it’s a dream that most men would want to reach . However, I still want to focus on being a soldier, like a sharp sword, but one that’s not directed to people of the same nation but to fight for the country’s glory on the international stage . ”

The director’s pupils shrunk, and he couldn’t help but look at Xu Cheng with a higher level of respect as he slightly nodded . “I know now, you think the stage is too small here, right?”

Then, he pondered for a moment and bitterly laughed . “That’s true too . It would be overkill to keep you here . But you should know, even if you become the top soldier, you might still not have a greater shot at power and money than if you stay here . Going up to the international stage to fight for the country’s glory is something that’s usually hard yet doesn’t yield much in return . You should think clearly before deciding . ”

Xu Cheng: “I already thought about it . I’m not afraid of you laughing at me for overestimating myself, but as for the Dragon Division selection, I’m still not going to give up . And this year, I will go back to the army to participate . ”

Seeing him this determined, the director sighed . “I really want to shout and swear at your instructor . Was it he who brainwashed you into not going into politics?”

“No, but he knows me very well . ” Xu Cheng smiled .

Director: “Tsk tsk, it’s fine if you want to go . But, before you go, can you pack up the four Gates and take them with you?”

Xu Cheng laughed . “Are you really that confident in me knocking over all four of them?”

“I wasn’t before, but I am now . ” The director laughed and said as he patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder, “This case is pretty big, and no one other than you can shoulder it . Behind you, you have the army and the country, and you don’t know how many people will come out to back you up, even if you screw up . So don’t blame me for relying on you to take care of this . ”

Xu Cheng saluted . “Director, I still really want to thank you for believing in me ever since I was a patrol cop . I will get to the bottom of this case and pack up what I can before I go back to the army . ”

“Okay, let’s grab a drink once this is all over, when there’s no superior and subordinate relationship between us . I also came from the army, so let’s have a good drink together,”

“Okay . ” Xu Cheng replied as he smiled, “Then I’m going to go and work now . ”

“Go . ” The director nodded . Then, he saw Xu Cheng out of his office . After his secretary came in and closed the door behind him, he asked the director in concern, “Sir, do you think he can pack West Gate up?”

“I don’t know . ” The director shook his head .

The secretary paused for a moment . Then, he heard the director continue, “But I know someone from higher up talked to me about him before . Connecting the figure from higher up, plus how he pretty much screwed both Gates by now, I think he can fack over all four Gates!”

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