Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Completely Exposed (Part one)

Xu Cheng said, “Director, just trust me one more time . ”

The director gritted his teeth . “Which time did I not trust you? Fine, I will get you a search warrant right now . Get someone to come over and get it . ”

On the other side, Neil was tailing behind Xu Cheng’s car . When he pulled out his pistol and stepped on the gas to go up, about to execute Xu Cheng, Li Chao saw the car quickly coming up and he subconsciously stepped on the gas too, heading straight for the police HQ . Both cars were going through an area with surveillance, and Neil hesitated and didn’t shoot . Just when he was about to try again, he noticed that they were already back at the police HQ . Neil quickly drove past Xu Cheng’s car, and when he turned to look inside, he shockingly found out that the driver that came off the car wasn’t Xu Cheng, but just a stranger in Xu Cheng’s clothes!

Neil’s face immediately changed as he called Cunye .

Right when Li Chao got to the police HQ, he got a call from Xu Cheng . “Are you safe?”

Li Chao nodded . “Yes, Boss, I got back safely . ”

Xu Cheng: “Very well, go to the director’s office and get the search warrant . And then, deliver it to the Wei Nation Business Alliance highrise right now . Big operation . Remember, change to a new vehicle, I’m worried that the assassin will target you . ”

He was scared that Neil would turn on Li Chao out of anger so he reminded him to be cautious .

At the same time, Cunye and his 30 or so subordinates in suits directly booked the whole elevator and went to the underground parking lot from the safe passage . When their dozen or so sedans were driving up from the underground parking lot, his phone rang . It was from Neil .

Cunye was pleasantly surprised . He picked up the call and said, “You took care of him?”

On the other end, Neil was panting nonstop . “Boss… I lost the guy… I was following Xu Cheng, but who knew he would switch with someone else and would have already left my sights by the time I noticed . ”

Cunye suddenly sat up straight and cursed, “Fack! Didn’t you tell me there’s no problem? Where did that guy go? I’m already in the middle of transferring out the money, what the fack were you doing?!”

Just then, a line of special police officers suddenly appeared at the entrance and formed a wall with their ballistic shields . On the ground, they also quickly rolled out spike strips to prevent the cars from getting out .

The dozen or so sedans immediately slammed on their brakes, and they all tried to call the car in the back .

“Boss, it’s the police! What should we do?” The director’s face changed as he turned around to ask Cunye .

Cunye shouted, “Don’t panic! Don’t let the police open our boxes without my permission! Everyone, calm down!”

Then, he immediately called Zuozhi .

Zuozhi’s secretary also ran into his office at that time and was about to tell him that a bunch of police came in from the lobby and seized the entire building . Zuozhi was already on the phone listening to Cunye, and his face sunk .

“Mr . Zuozhi, hurry and get the people of the embassy to make an appearance! We must not open the boxes! If we are done, the business alliance will also be done for! Today, we are on the same boat, please help me!” on the other end, Cunye said in a deep voice .

Even Zuozhi’s hand was shaking as he held the phone . If possible, he really wanted to kill this Cunye guy right now . He told that b4stard to not act recklessly, yet he just didn’t listen . Zuozhi already felt that Xu Cheng would be keeping a close eye on them in the foreseeable future .

Chapter 158: Completely Exposed (Part two)

But still, he had to call the embassy right now to get rescued .

Below the highrise, the special police force already surrounded all of the sedans and told them to get out of the car . After Cunye and the others got off, he tried his best to not expose his inner panic and pretended to be calm as he looked at the police with a hint of curiosity . “What are you guys doing?”

Wu Gang showed his badge and said, “Team 2 of the Criminal Investigation Unit, we suspect you are carrying black money from the underground money house . You wouldn’t mind us searching your cars, right?”

Cunye looked at Wu Gang and pondered, not talking .

Wu Gang didn’t wait for his answer and directly waved his hand . “Search every car . ”

All of them were fully armed, and Cunye’s men obviously couldn’t fight back . With over a hundred special police force officers aiming their cold barrels at them, it was no joke .

“This is confidential to our business alliance, it’s not convenient for you guys to search it . We have the right to protect our privacy . ”

Wu Gang: “Then what if we insist on searching?”

Cunye: “Then I will accuse you of stealing commercial secrets . Can you bear the responsibility?”

Wu Gang hesitated .

Cunye saw through the hesitation, and he felt a slight relief . Then, he continued his act . “Just give me an answer, are you searching or not? If you want to search, sure, but I will let you know the potential consequence right now . I will sue you out of money . ”

Wu Gang still didn’t talk, and he was a bit lost . The scene immediately became a bit tense .

“If you guys are not searching, then please move out of the way . It would be bad for our reputation if other people see this scene . Later on, we will go and file a complaint to your police HQ . Are you guys treating us unfairly just because we are not domestic enterprises?”

“How we treat you depends on how well you abide by the law . ” At this moment, Xu Cheng slowly walked out from the elevator in a pretty casual manner .

Seeing his sudden appearance, Wu Gang immediately smiled, suddenly feeling a boost in confidence . And when Cunye saw Xu Cheng, his entire face changed, and his eyes looked like he wanted to eat him . In his heart, he was also cursing at Neil . I told you to facking keep an eye on one guy! You had one job!

Xu Cheng directly walked over and glanced at the boxes . What trade secrets? How could he not know the boxes were all filled with cash?

He lightly snorted and smiled to Cunye . “Vice-president, we met again . I remember greeting you this morning and reminding you to be careful . Tsk tsk, look at you, being all reckless again?”

Cunye’s eyelids jumped and he didn’t speak .

Xu Cheng suddenly shouted, catching everyone off guard, “Open them!”

Cunye’s reaction was the most drastic . “You want to get sued? Do you know how much money we will lose if our trade secrets get exposed? If you are willing to pay for our losses, then I will let you open them!”

Then, he even turned on the recorder on his phone and raised it to Xu Cheng, saying in a deep voice, “Do you dare?”

Xu Cheng just looked at the pair of bloodshot eyes staring at him, not feeling the slightest tension . He actually just smiled . “What are you so nervous about? Could it be, you are really hiding black money in there?”

Cunye glared at him angrily and didn’t say anything .

But then, Xu Cheng domineeringly shouted again, “Okay, I will take full responsibility if something goes wrong! I will pay for your losses! Now, open them!”

Wu Gang and the special police officers all shouted in unison, “Yes, Sir!”

Cunye got even more nervous and he immediately roared, “Are you rich enough to cover our losses?!”

Xu Cheng directly pulled out a gun and aimed for the closest box . He broke the lock with one bullet, and the box popped open, with a huge pile of cash flying out . The entire scene immediately fell silent .

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