Chapter 167

Chapter 167: The Letter Left Behind By Shen Yao (Part one)

It was Lin Chuxue’s first time getting lectured by her little brother like today, and when their call ended, she was still a bit dumbfounded . She looked at herself in the mirror . She also knew that the gorgeous life on stage wasn’t what she wanted, and she sighed, thinking about how the misunderstanding between her and Xu Cheng caused the two to drift further and further away . After putting down the phone, her agent asked, “What happened? Why are you suddenly in such a bad mood?”

Lin Chuxue shook her head . “Nothing . ”

At that moment, her phone rang again . Lin Chuxue looked at it and was quite surprised . It was from Shen Yao . She picked it up and heard that Shen Yao wanted to meet up with her . She was leaving, so she wanted to say farewell to Lin Chuxue .

“Okay, where are you? I will come and find you,” Lin Chuxue said .

“Just forget it, I don’t want to be dragged into another storm and get chased around by your fans on my last day here . I will go to the cafe by your company,” Shen Yao smiled and said, and then she hung up .

Lin Chuxue packed things up right away and left the company .

Two beautiful women sitting at the corner of a cafe suddenly became the scene of the entire store, but at this moment, the two beautiful women were talking about a guy .

Shen Yao mumbled, as if to herself, “When I was on break, you came to look for me without giving me a call . You actually went to see Xu Cheng, right?”

Lin Chuxue looked at her, not knowing what to say . After all, they were best friends, and she was scared that saying more might cause more misunderstandings .

Shen Yao continued, “And then the second time you came to look for me, it was actually because you heard Xu Cheng was fighting that gang leader and you were worried about him . And then when you pushed everything aside to rush past the gate to help Xu Cheng when he fainted, I could already tell that there was definitely something between you and him . ”

Upon saying that, Shen Yao bitterly laughed . “And then, I was still dumb and believed it when you explained that you two were just friends from childhood . Then, I began going all out to pursue Xu Cheng, but after these few months we spent together, I noticed that I was more and more trapped by my growing feelings for him . But, he still felt the same towards me, and he always saw me as just a good friend or a tenant . Last night, I confessed to him, and to be honest, I was quite disappointed by his reaction, which led to me not being able to stay here anymore and fooling myself . But after thinking about it for the whole night, I’m a lot better now . ”

Shen Yao laughed, yet that sweet smile was also mixed with a bit of helplessness . She said, “I’m not angry at all for losing to my best friend . ”

Lin Chuxue’s big beautiful eyes slightly opened even wider as she looked at Shen Yao full of shock . How did she find out?

“You want to ask how I knew it was you, right?” Shen Yao smiled and said, “On that night when Xu Cheng was hospitalized, I indirectly probed him, and he said he already likes someone else . Personally, I don’t think I can lose to any girl with what I have, and plus, if I just take a little more initiative, not a single man would ignore me . But, Xu Cheng had no reaction towards me, so I guessed that a possible reason his determination could be this unshakable was because the woman he likes must be more outstanding than me . And then, I thought of you, and then connecting with how you guys were close since childhood, I realized that the girl he likes is you!”

Lin Chuxue looked down, her long eyelashes covering her eyes . At a moment, she didn’t know how to face Shen Yao .

Shen Yao wasn’t angry, and she reached out to hold Lin Chuxue’s hands as she softly asked, “In fact, you like Xu Cheng too, right?”

“I…” Lin Chuxue didn’t know how to respond . She was afraid that Shen Yao would get angry at her for not telling her all this beforehand .

“Are you still going to keep it in and not even tell your best friend?” Shen Yao said, almost pleading .

Chapter 167: The Letter Left Behind By Shen Yao (Part two)

Lin Chuxue sighed, and then she slowly began to talk, “There was a boy that was fostered in a foreign country, and he faced all kinds of racial discrimination and ridicule . But, he was able to grow up under the tough environment, not even getting struck down by the death of his only parent . He had an inferiority complex and he wasn’t good at expressing his thoughts, only knowing to silently do things he could for the girl he likes . ”

Shen Yao: “And that guy’s Xu Cheng, right?”

Lin Chuxue nodded . “And the girl, she was very lively and grew up being spoiled, like a flower in a greenhouse . Her innocence and beauty attracted the attention of many guys in the empire, and she didn’t know how many men and what dirty means they had used in the dark during her highschool to university years to try and get her . She was able to keep her smile and innocence all thanks to that fostered boy, who would get bruises and injured all over the place . When he offended a member of the royal family, the father had no choice but to send him away for his safety, but I’m also willing to follow him when he was down in the trough . So, I agreed to my dad’s request to marry him and came back to the country with him . But because of my identity and also for his safety, we didn’t disclose our marriage to the public . He had always been blaming himself for me not being able to go back to Great Britain, so he had been working very hard so that one day, he could become powerful enough to take me back to Great Britain and declare to the people there that we are married . Before then, although we never got too far away from each other, we would also never meet . Sometimes, he might feel that I don’t have faith in him being able to become powerful enough one day, so subconsciously, he would feel a bit self-defeated and alienate me . But, in fact, I know that after I followed him to this foreign country, the thing he was most worried about was me . ”

Shen Yao was in complete awe after hearing Lin Chuxue’s past with Xu Cheng . After a while, she finally came back to her senses and asked Lin Chuxue, “Then do you believe he will become powerful enough one day to take you back to Britain and go against those powerful figures?”

Lin Chuxue smiled determinedly . “Of course, and I think it won’t be long . ”

Shen Yao bitterly laughed . “Now I finally know why Xu Cheng looked at you blankly for so long when you first came to the condo . From his eyes, besides shock, I also saw gentleness . Thanks, Bestie, for being willing to share this secret with me . Although it’s sad that I can’t end up with the person I love, I will still give you my blessing . ”

Then, she looked at the time, smiled, and said, “It’s time for my flight, I got to go now . ”

“Do you need me to drive you over?” Lin Chuxue said .

“It’s fine . ” After walking away a few steps, Shen Yao suddenly looked back at Lin Chuxue and smiled . “Chuxue, work harder . If you miss this man, I will make sure to take him . ”

Lin Chuxue first paused for a moment, and then she smiled . “It’s fine, you won’t have a chance . ”

Shen Yao smiled back, and then she turned around and left .

Inside the condo, Xu Cheng got a letter to him from Ran Jing . “Here, Shen Yao left this for you . ”

Xu Cheng went to the balcony, opened up the letter, and on there it said, “I’m leaving . Since we can’t become lovers, I don’t have the courage to stay by your side as your bro . Promise me, take good care of yourself, and continue being the man you are that never compromises with life . ”

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