Chapter 177

Chapter 177: We Are Recording a Reality Show? (Part one)

By the evening, what happened during practice had already spread in the army like wildfire . The 15 rookies sat on a truck and drove back, and Hu Bing had his head down, keeping silent the whole way .

The other rookies originally wanted to comfort him . However, after all, this loss was caused by Hu Bing’s self-centered strategy, so they thought Hu Bing might interpret their comfort as them mocking him so they all just remained silent .

At night when Hu Bing went to the shower room, he could still hear other soldiers whispering and chatting about what happened during the day .

“The Three Swordsmen truly deserve that title . Although there’s just one left now, Xu Cheng’s still enough to stomp the rookies . ”

“I know right, I heard Hu Bing was the third one to get eliminated, and he was head-shotted by Xu Cheng’s sniper rifle too! What a humiliation . ”

“Yeah man, the moment he got eliminated, it was just straight up downhill from there for the rookies . I heard the casualty ratio was 1 to 8 . The veterans only lost one guy, and the rookies lost 8 . There really wasn’t a point to continue to practice with such a disparity . ”

“What’s interesting is that Xu Cheng took out 6 of those guys, including Hu Bing . I heard that on the way back, the whole veteran team was singing on their truck, and the rookies’ truck almost had a fight . ”

“That brat does need to be taught a lesson . Before Xu Cheng came back, it seemed like everyone and everything needed to revolve around him . He was so prideful, but he at least needs the asset to be proud, or else it’s just blind arrogance . ”

Hu Bing was under running water and was about to cough up blood out of anger after hearing those words . He couldn’t be calmed down no matter how cold the water was, and even now, he was still in denial of defeat . The hardest thing for him to face was the fact that he was taken out by a headshot from Xu Cheng .

Just for this, he even went to scold the rookie that reported the situation at that time . That rookie indeed said everyone was at the right side, and that was why he popped his head out and came out of cover . That rookie was also feeling wronged . In the middle of the battle, no one could report what the enemies were up to with absolute certainty, he just saw most of the people had come to the right flank, and he thought Captain Xu Cheng had also come along .

Of course, Hu Bing lost quite a lot of the people’s respect for doing this after the fact . Many rookies felt like he couldn’t take a defeat like a man . Those rookies all thought it wasn’t a big deal, since it was still their training period and it wasn’t the real competition yet . However, Hu Bing took it way too seriously . He even went to interrogate his comrades if they were purposely letting Xu Cheng win, and those words immediately ignited the crowd and a fight almost broke out . They truly became a joke that night .

“Tomorrow, it’s our turn to attack, and I will take Xu Cheng’s head,” Hu Bing punched the wall and said with determination .

When Hu Bing finished showering and came out with a towel, he saw other people lining up in the hall, and Xu Cheng also came to line up with a towel over his shoulder . When it was a veteran’s turn to go in, he waved at Xu Cheng . “Old Xu, you can go and wash first . ”

Xu Cheng smiled as he walked over, but who knew Hu Bing would stop right in front of Xu Cheng . The two were face to face . Xu Cheng was quite a bit taller than Hu Bing, and although Hu Bing was standing on the stairs, his presence was still a lot weaker than Xu Cheng’s .

“You guys used 4 hours today, tomorrow I will use 2 hours to finish the battle . ” Hu Bing looked at Xu Cheng and said, “You guys just got lucky today . If it was any other time, you guys rushing in like this would already set off a lot of traps and make you suffer tons of casualties . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Alright, tomorrow, we defend, you attack . I hope you guys get lucky too . ”

Hu Bing’s gaze swept past everyone around, and knowing that the veterans all supported Xu Cheng, he snorted, “Even if you are added to the final list, I hope you know well that the game plan wouldn’t be around you . ”

Chapter 177: We Are Recording a Reality Show? (Part two)

Xu Cheng didn’t respond .

Hu Bing first sneered and was about to leave, and when he was coming off the stairs, he purposely added more force behind his shoulders to bump with Xu Cheng . But, who knew Xu Cheng’s shoulder and arm were like a thick steel wall, and he was cemented into the ground like a mountain . Hu Bing almost dislocated his arm and he tried hard not to cry miserably . He lost his balance as he fell to the ground into a doggy position, with his bucket carrying bathing supplies also falling onto the ground .

Hu Bing was about to go berserk as he got up right away and was furious from embarrassment . He wanted to just punch Xu Cheng in the face, and when he was just about to vent his anger, the surrounding veterans weren’t having it . “Hu Bing, what are you doing? You tried to bump into Xu Cheng first, are you gonna get mad because you were too weak and fell to the ground?”

When the furious Hu Bing heard this, he could only glare at Xu Cheng, knowing that reason wasn’t on his side . He also didn’t want to go up against so many veterans at once, so he could only relax his clenched fist and point at Xu Cheng as he said, word for word, “We will see you tomorrow!”

Then, he turned around to pick up his bucket and clothes . As he was walking away, Xu Cheng opened his mouth, “You forgot your soap . ”

Hu Bing’s soap was indeed forgotten on the ground, so Xu Cheng reminded him . But the soldiers in the bathing hall all burst into laughter as they heard this, and they interestingly looked at Hu Bing, seeing if he had the face to pick it up .

Hu Bing took a look at the soap, and then at the many naked burly men in the bathing hall before he ultimately dismissed the idea of going to pick it up .

The laughter behind him got even louder .

After Xu Cheng finished showering, he was summoned by the head instructor’s assistant to his office .

“Big Bro, you looking for me?” Xu Cheng went in and asked . He was quite casual with this place .

The head instructor nodded . “You brat, don’t bully Hu Bing too much . That guy has a background . ”

Xu Cheng shrugged . “He feels like he has a long d:ck so he’s straightforward with his words, but who knew that his d:ck was so long that it went all the way around to thrust into his own butt . It’s not my fault . ”

Head Instructor: “Okay, let’s drop this for now . I can guarantee you a spot on the list, but you probably won’t be able to merge into Hu Bing’s team in the near future . Since you have nothing else, then go and work together with this city’s TV station on a program and be their training instructor . ”

Xu Cheng was speechless . “Why not just get someone else? Wouldn’t it be an overkill to let me be the instructor for a bunch of celebrities?”

Head Instructor: “You think I don’t want to do it? Their compensation is extremely high, it’s that reality TV show “True Men”, don’t you know? They are doing a second season and they already got the guest list . The first season got pretty good viewership, so they directly invited a lot of A-tier celebrities for the second season . I’m worried that if I leave it to someone else, they will get nervous in front of cameras and celebrities and not be able to record the show, and the commander’s intention is, since this show can promote our 5th Military Region, then we must pick out an excellent soldier that can highlight the power of our military region, so I picked you . You know as well, we don’t get many good recruits every year . Just be the representative of our military region and show the true colors of our military region on TV . If the viewership’s good, then next year we will probably have a lot more recruits signing up . ”

Xu Cheng was still reluctant . “But you know I’m always very strict when it comes to training, aren’t you afraid that I will piss off those big celebrities?”

Head Instructor: “I’m just worried that you are not strict enough . When you get serious, even I’m scared of you, so I believe you will be able to make those celebrity guests follow orders . ”

Xu Cheng: “…”

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