Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Lin Chuxue (Part one)

After hanging up, Lin Chuxue’s face was filled with joy, and her fingers danced on the piano, creating cheerful music . Beside her, her agent couldn’t help but try to persuade her, “The “True Men” reality show is really tough, you could’ve picked any program, why this one?”

Lin Chuxue stopped playing her piano as she said to her agent, “I have to try something new after all, right? My fans could only see me in my music and movies, and they don’t know the kind of person I really am yet . This time going on this TV show, I want to show them the most authentic side of me . ”

Agent: “But do you know that in the military, to make the training as close as the real thing, first of all, you won’t be able to do makeup . Secondly, you won’t be able to boss people around . Not to mention the actual programs, just the basics would need days of training and exposing you to the sun, and the raids at night, and you also have to live in the military camp…”

“Alright, Sister Lei, didn’t you always say I’m not interacting enough with my fans? I will just experience it with this opportunity . ”

Sister Lei also knew that she wouldn’t be able to convince Lin Chuxue, and she sighed . Then, suddenly remembering the former assistant Xiao Lan, she asked, “You really aren’t planning to transfer Xiao Lan back to your side?”

Lin Chuxue shook her head . “Xiao Lan often talks without a filter on her mouth, and she likes to act like a big shot using my fame . I don’t like that character, and I didn’t kick her out of the company because she had been with me for two years . She always tries to set me up with whichever rich heir she comes across; maybe some juniors in our company want that, but I don’t . ”

“Alright, then I will go and accept the offer from the ‘True Men’’ crew . We will pack up and head off to the 5th Military Region,” Sister Lei said and left .

On the next day, the headline of the entertainment industry was a bombshell from the reality TV show “True Men”: Singing Princess Lin Chuxue Joining the Second Season of “True Men” .

The moment the news got out, Princess Snow’s fans all boiled up, and they immediately went to the official Weibo account (TL Note: Chinese Twitter) and pleaded, “Please go easy on Princess Snow . ”

Everyone knew this show was known for how real it was, and they were afraid that their Princess Snow would get injured .

Lin Chuxue also didn’t forget to interact on her own Weibo . “This is my first time participating in a reality TV show, please go easy on me . . ”

Thinking back carefully, this was really Lin Chuxue’s first time joining a TV show . In the past, aside from signing events, movie premiers, or award ceremonies, the fans and media could rarely capture any more footage of her . Yet, her popularity remained high, and she could be said to be one of the few female celebrities that had no gossip on her private life, and no TV stations could successfully invite her to join any events . This made other TV stations really shocked about how the “True Men” crew could successfully convince Princess Snow .

Once the news spread, many male celebrities that were fond of her began @-ing her on Weibo, but this icy princess didn’t reply to anyone .

She even craftily @-ed a Weibo account Xu Cheng used to have and said, “Instructor, please go easy on me . ”

Once that news broke out, the fans became even more excited, and even the media was shocked . It was really the first time Lin Chuxue had been this active on Weibo and actually @-ing a male . This made the fans smell blood as they all went to Xu Cheng’s Weibo to investigate him and @ him .

Chapter 179: Lin Chuxue (Part two)

Xu Cheng didn’t have his real name on it and there were barely any information on and no photos, that still didn’t stop the fans from searching him up .

The “True Men” TV station group’s phone was constantly ringing with calls from A-tier male celebrities . They all called in to tell them that their schedule recently opened up and they could participate in the second season as well . Although those people didn’t say it directly, everyone knew they were there for Lin Chuxue . In the entertainment circle, many male celebrities had publicly mentioned that Lin Chuxue was a perfect match for their soul-mate selection criteria . Understandably, it would be awesome if they could be in the same reality show as her and perhaps cultivate a relationship . Besides, it was the “True Men” reality show, and there would be many opportunities to showcase their manly sides, right?

“Mr . Guo, it’s not that we don’t want you to join us, but… we really don’t have enough budget…”

Guo Hao was a male star that was recently super popular . With a few domineering-CEO-themed dramas, he was able to harvest tons of fans, and his price naturally rose as well . As a small reality show that only had one season so far, their budget would naturally be quite tight .

“Not enough? Then where did you enough to invite Lin Chuxue? Her compensation level should be in the tens of millions, right?” Guo Hao asked curiously .

On the other end, the director of “True Men” awkwardly said, “She’s participating with no compensation, and she’s only here for one season . ”

Guo Hao paused for a moment, and then he immediately asked, “How long does it take to record a season?”

Director: “About a week . ”

Guo Hao: “I will join too, for free . ”

The director was about to faint from joy . “Are you sure?”

Guo Hao: “Yeah, I will join for a season as well . ”

“Awesome, then come to the company the day after tomorrow, and we will go to the airport together and head to the 5th Military Region . ”

After the director hung up, he couldn’t be more excited . First it was Lin Chuxue, and now another A-tier celebrity . With these two stars, it would be hard to not get good viewership .

Just at this moment, his phone rang again, and the director picked it up . “Hello?”

“Hello, I’m Yan Jing’s agent . He’s interested in joining this season’s ‘True Men’ . ”

Another popular celebrity!

“Uh… Because of our budget, we really can’t invite Yan Jing… I’m sorry…”

“No worries, Yan Jing said that he will be joining for free to help out his friend, Lin Chuxue . ”

The director felt like he was going to faint . These were all celebrities that he could barely get in touch with, what happened today? They were all joining for free? The director finally realized what those male celebrities were thinking of .

Lin Chuxue!

This was a super talented girl that would basically disappear from public vision outside of work . She had no scandals related to her, and plus her beautiful face paired with that hot and slender figure, she was basically the dream girl to every man . Especially her mix-blood blue eyes, they were extremely alluring . Even if she was just quietly sitting in a corner, she would still be the center of attention . Her kind of quiet and calm temperament could basically instantly beat out all of those internet-famous celebrities that got plastic surgery or had work done on their body .

So many people were attracted by her acting in movies and her music, including many junior celebrities of the younger generation . So, it was pretty obvious that many male celebrities wanted to use this opportunity to get to know Lin Chuxue better . After all, it was just too rare to see her . She was just like a super NEET, rarely going to boring advertising or fundraising events nor business gatherings, and also completely not giving the media any opportunity to peek into her private life .

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