Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Deep Thought (Part one)

Xu Cheng naturally didn’t know Lin Chuxue’s small action would explode his Weibo, and that some people had even begun searching for him .

But, on the next day, the man of the spotlight got fully armed and went into the forest on a truck .

Today was the second part of the training, they would be defending, and Hu Bing was attacking .

Hu Bing said that they would use only 2 hours to break through their defense, and this tough talk made Wei Yuan and the others laugh so hard .

Wei Yuan said, “If that brat Hu Bing can break through our defense in 2 hours, I will tie a lead ball to my d:ck and spin in front of the whole military camp . ”

Liao Shuhang: “Even if we don’t do anything, with so many mines on the ground, it will already take them a while to cautiously make it through . Plus besieging our camp, two hours? I don’t know what that kid is smoking but I want some too . ”

On the truck, they chit chatted . On another truck, Hu Bing was also having a talk with his guys, trying to pump them up . “We lost yesterday because of my recklessness, I admit . But we can’t lose again today . Do you guys want to be laughed at by the veterans? You are all elite soldiers picked out from the newer generation, we are not like them!”

The other rookies mumbled, “But it’s still impossible to break their defense in 2 hours… Besides, although those veterans might not be able to beat us head on, they have a lot of experience . Yesterday, just Captain Xu Cheng alone took down 6 of us, there’s still quite a gap . ”

Hu Bing said in a deep voice, “I think 2 hours is enough . They took 4 hours, why can’t we do better? If we can’t, then why would we still be the ones representing the 5th Military Region in the competition? What you are doing is killing our own morale to boost the enemy’s, and this isn’t something you should do . ”

After being scolded, the others didn’t talk anymore .

After the truck arrived at the forest, they all got off to discuss their tactics .

On the other hand, Xu Cheng and his team were also discussing their strategy . It was quite obvious that everyone treated him as the center . Xu Cheng had 3 years of experience for that competition so he knew a lot of tactics . Thus, when he was talking, everyone listened intently and rarely interrupted . Of course, everyone was free to speak .

Wei Yuan: “We promised to be each other’s guardian angel, don’t let me be the cannon fodder again . ”

Xu Cheng: “Your big mouth does a great job attracting fire . Who’s going to be the cannon fodder if not you?”

Wei Yuan was a big mouth in the army and loved to talk and mock people . He was a very straightforward guy, but his mouth was a bit harsh at times and indeed attracted quite a lot of hate from the blood-boiled new recruits that were still in their arrogant stage .

Liao Shuhang asked Xu Cheng, “What strategy are we using?”

Xu Cheng smiled . “We don’t need one at all . ”

Everyone was shocked as they looked at him . “We can beat them without one?”

Xu Cheng: “Just use what they used on us yesterday . Their mines and traps deployment was quite on point yesterday, but today, we just need to slightly modify it . ”

Wei Yuan: “What should we do?”

Xu Cheng: “Just like yesterday, we will put the minefield down mid lane . Excluding me, we can’t win a head-on battle against them, and this is what they will take advantage of, so they will choose to directly attack us face on . If I’m Hu Bing, I would choose the simple and violent confrontation in mid lane, and then try to secure victory within the shortest time possible . My plan is, don’t touch the traps they placed on the side lanes, but concentrate the minefield in the mid lane . We will abandon mid lane and have 7 people defending each side . If they really choose to walk down mid, then we will treat them to some mines as our two sides slowly collapse onto them . If they choose to attack from the side, use the mid lane as a shield and slowly retreat towards mid . It will be easy to lure them into the mine field . ”

Chapter 180: Deep Thought (Part two)

Everyone nodded and thought it was a good plan . Liao Shuhang asked, a bit puzzled, “What about you then?”

Xu Cheng grinned . “Don’t worry about me, just follow my plan . ”

Wei Yuan giggled . “This bandit probably wants to troll Hu Bing again . ”

Xu Cheng: “Alright, let’s go and find our base first . Liao Shuhang, Wei Yuan, go and lay the traps, I will deploy the mines . ”

Everyone began moving .

On Hu Bing’s side, after thinking of a strategy, they directly went into the jungle . Just as Xu Cheng had predicted, Hu Bing’s plan was to use brute force . They wanted to use their superior marksmanship and dexterity to take the veterans head on .

The other teammates asked, “Which way are we attacking from?”

“Why ask? Of course we are going down mid!” Hu Bing said confidently . “Our snipers are better than theirs, and we are more agile . Just have the snipers cover us from behind and we can easily take down their defense . ”

“What if they deployed traps and mines in the mid lane?”

Hu Bing snorted, “Then they will die even faster . If they use our strategy, then we have an even bigger advantage of taking them down . I predict they are all grouped up because they can’t win solo, so they will either guard the middle, or just guard one side . I will say it first, leave Xu Cheng to me, I will personally take his head!”

The others all nodded . Knowing how arrogant Hu Bing was, no one fought with him for Xu Cheng .

“Alright, let’s move!” Hu Bing said in a deep voice, and the 15 of them all went into the jungle .

Where did Xu Cheng go? Copying Hu Bing, he also dug a pit in the mid lane and went into hiding . Hu Bing never would’ve thought that Xu Cheng would adopt his tactic and return the favor .

“This guy seems to want to teach Hu Bing a lesson,” the technician said as he saw Xu Cheng crawling into a hole .

Head Instructor: “That’s probably for the best . Beating Hu Bing at his own game and face slapping him can probably get him to reflect on himself . ”

The technician looked at the veterans’ strategy and smiled . “Interesting, they completely read Hu Bing like a book . Knowing that they would focus on attacking mid, they just set up a dummy defense in the middle . If it was on the battlefield, they could remotely-detonate the whole area to achieve complete annihilation . ”

Head Instructor: “That’s also Hu Bing’s biggest weakness . He’s too headstrong and not calm enough, and the enemies can easily take advantage of this . He tends to be individualistic and could very likely lead his team to getting aced . After this training, have a chat with him . ”

The strategist nodded .

The head instructor turned around and asked, “How far is Xu Cheng’s hideout from the base?”

Tactician: “800 meters . ”

The head instructor said, “Xu Cheng did do some deep thinking . He knew Hu Bing wouldn’t charge in with the whole team and would get his snipers to cover from a distance . Normally, a sniper’s effective range is about one kilometer, but Hu Bing’s snipers probably wouldn’t stay this far back . So, reducing that distance a bit, the point Xu Cheng set is probably the most optimal range for the snipers, making it easier for him to take out far-range threats first . ”

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