Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Aged Too Much, I’ll Just Take the Stairs (Part one)

Hu Bing was hospitalized .

The reason for his hospitalization obviously couldn’t be kept a secret, and what happened at the practice competition basically spread to every corner of the military region on the first day . The veterans were all clapping and celebrating, while the rookies also gained a more comprehensive understanding of this legend after hearing the recount of the event .

Just like Wei Yuan said, the Boss is still the Boss, Daddy is still the Daddy . Although he left for a while, he KOed the lively monkey right after coming back .

For those veterans and rookies that saw the KO scene, they could only describe it with one sentence: basically a monkey trying to take on a tiger!

“Don’t mention it, Hu Bing couldn’t fight back at all . For the whole time he was on the offense, yet he got beaten every time . For the first few times, Captain Xu Cheng was still going easy on him, but I think he probably felt that Hu Bing was trying to kill him a couple of times, so he broke his leg . ”

“How did he break his leg?”

“Hand blade . Chop down just like that . You didn’t see it first hand, it was like a chainsaw, so casually, and the moment Hu Bing’s leg touched Captain Xu’s hand, the whole leg became limpy like a flaccid d:ck, and he couldn’t even stand up afterward . Then, he was sent straight to the military region’s hospital to get treated . ”

“To put it bluntly, those two weren’t on the same level at all, not to mention how Xu Cheng didn’t initiate any attack this whole time . ”

“That’s impossible… right? Hu Bing’s really skilled, and he could easily beat a lot of the veterans . I’ve practiced with him in the past too, and his moves are quite impressive, and he’s always able to deliver critical hits that could immediately deprive you of the ability to keep on fighting . ”

“Actually, this time, he didn’t even get to touch, not to mention injure Captain Xu . If I were Hu Bing, I would probably be having an existential crisis right now after the fight . ”

“Sigh, I was completely dumbfounded at that time . Originally, I thought it would be a pretty even match, but Hu Bing just got stomped… Xu Cheng’s a beast!”

“Then Hu Bing’s injured, what will happen to the competition?”

“What else? Is he going to climb out of his bed and keep on training? I’ve thought about it, if we follow his lead into the competition, we would probably become tasty lambs for the other military regions . We will probably be eliminated in half a day . ”

“To be frank, his individual capabilities are pretty good, but he’s too much of a solo hero and doesn’t see the bigger picture . After all, he’s still a rookie and has less experience . All in all, I wouldn’t have too much confidence in winning if we follow him into the competition . ”

“In any case, if we have to sacrifice ourselves for our captain, I’m much more willing to sacrifice myself for Captain Xu Cheng, as long as he can perform and get a good score on behalf of our military region . ”

“I’m thinking the same thing . I don’t know why, but after this whole thing, I feel like I’m much safer and comfortable following Captain Xu Cheng . ”

This time, Hu Bing not only lost in character, but also reputation .

When the sun came up, the head instructor quickly came to check out Hu Bing, and then he went to find Xu Cheng . He found the guy standing by the window on the second floor taking a smoke .

Seeing the head instructor come up, Xu Cheng asked, “Is Hu Bing alright?”

Head Instructor: “You did this yourself, and you are asking how badly he was hurt?”

Xu Cheng: “I did control my power, and I know you wanted me to teach him a lesson, don’t think I didn’t see that . If it was any other time, you would’ve halted the fight through the speaker a long time ago, yet this time you only stopped us after the fight ended . ”

Head Instructor: “Tsk tsk, I think you got smarter after your trip to Shangcheng . In the past, you were just a headstrong guy that only knew how to use your muscles, since when did you learn how to think?”

Chapter 184: Aged Too Much, I’ll Just Take the Stairs (Part two)

Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at him . “This has nothing to do with being smart or not, I know you too well . You are just like me, and you are in a difficult spot as the head instructor because this brat has no military merits nor contributions and is relying on his background . With your temper, I wouldn’t believe it if you said you don’t have any opinion on him . ”

The head instructor’s face blushed . “I was trying to help you to establish some prestige and reputation in front of the rookies . You left for so long, and on your return this time, I have to let everyone know that our celebrity is here . Of course, just telling them wouldn’t be enough, because people all want to see what you are capable of, especially those rookies . You are always being so conservative and hiding your power, even I’m nervous for you . ”

Xu Cheng glanced at him . “I beat that guy up, what do you say the consequence would be?”

The head instructor lit a cigarette for himself, took a puff, and said, “It wouldn’t be appropriate if I beat him up, and then the other veterans aren’t strong enough to beat him up, so you are the best choice . Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you after you beat him up . ”

Xu Cheng was a bit shocked . “Are you sure? Reasonably speaking, a rookie that’s enough for you to focus most of the resources on him means his background isn’t simple . Now that I’ve beaten him up to the point of needing at least a week of hospitalization and 2 weeks of recovery right before the competition, it will only be odd if his family doesn’t come looking for trouble with me . ”

“If I said they won’t, they won’t, or do you not believe me?” The head instructor said, “Tsk tsk, or else, why wouldn’t I stop you after seeing you stomping him? I obviously have my reason . ”

Xu Cheng looked out of the window and kept smoking . But as he smoked, he began feeling that something was off . He turned around again and said, “Big Brother, how come I sense something is off with what you said? Are you hiding something from me?”

The head instructor took out the cigarette butt from his mouth . “What could I possibly hide from you?”

Xu Cheng shook his head . “Something’s off . Reasonably speaking, Hu Bing’s family would for sure stir something up or at least try to teach me a lesson, but you said nothing’s going to happen to me . I know you are not powerful enough to shield me, but yet you are so calm and confident . Is the guy protecting me even more powerful than Hu Bing’s family?“

The head instructor immediately choked on his smoke upon hearing this .

Then, he patted his chest to straighten out the air as he looked at Xu Cheng and replied, “Since when did you learn to think so deep? Say, Xu Cheng, when did you become this smart?”

Xu Cheng was speechless . “Don’t change the topic, answer me . ”

Head Instructor: “I don’t want to say it, okay?”

Xu Cheng stared right into his eyes, creeping out the head instructor a bit . The head instructor grinned and said, “Are you trying to frighten me with your ch:nky eyes? You little brat still think you are the Xu Cheng from before? Do you believe that I can beat you up? How dare you look at me like this with such disrespect?”

Xu Cheng continued to look at him and said, “If I beat you in a fight, then tell me why . If you win, then you can choose to be silent . You decide, I will wait for you downstairs . ”

As Xu Cheng said that, he took off his jacket, showing his vest . Then, he directly jumped off from the second floor into the sand, which basically meant “let’s go” .

The head instructor’s eyes opened wide . “You little sh:t, just now I was complimenting how sleek and smart you are, and how you aren’t just relying on your muscles, yet the next second you want to fight me? Let’s go then, let me loosen your bones a bit . ”

Then, he was about to follow Xu Cheng and jump off the window from the second floor, but after seeing how it was at least 7 to 8 meters, he thought about it and decided, nah .

“Whatever, I aged quite a bit, I will just take the stairs . ”

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