Chapter 186

Chapter 186: If I Don’t Fire Her, Am I Going to Fire You? (Part one)

Xu Cheng: “Alright, I know I kept my strength in control . Stop pretending now . ”

The head instructor removed his two hands, revealing a big red bump on his forehead…

“This is called pretending? Control my azz…”

Xu Cheng grinned . “Admit the defeat and you can tell me now, right?”

The head instructor began stuttering . He felt like he was in a difficult spot when Xu Cheng was anticipating his answer this much . He obviously didn’t have the face to tell Xu Cheng about how the higher-ups initially thought Xu Cheng’s health would deteriorate sooner or later and death was right around the corner .

Just then, a soldier ran over and said, “Head Instructor, the program crew of ‘True Men’ is here . ”

The head instructor really wanted to give this soldier a kiss . Talk about good timing .

“What? Then what are you waiting for, let’s go and help them settle in . ”

Then, he looked towards Xu Cheng and said, “You should go too . You are their designated instructor for the show so you need to go and greet them . ”

And then, before Xu Cheng could open his mouth, the head instructor picked up his jacket and ran off right away .

Xu Cheng felt that this guy was just too shameless . However, since he didn’t want to say it, Xu Cheng knew the head instructor must have his concerns and reasons, and he wasn’t in a rush to find out anyways . Helplessly, he followed the head instructor to the reception camp in the military region,

Many RVs came, and just the production crew alone had 2 over, and the other 3 were the celebrities’ . Yan Xian and Guo Hao each had one, and Xu Cheng had seen the most luxurious one before, it was his wife Lin Chuxue’s .

The whole crew was warmly welcomed by the soldiers, especially when Lin Chuxue came down from her RV . It couldn’t be helped, Lin Chuxue was just too popular . Normally, the updates Xu Cheng heard about Lin Chuxue were all from his comrades that would stack magazines with Lin Chuxue on the covers under their pillow . It was obvious that the younger generation all liked Lin Chuxue . After all, she was the one with the most votes every year for the entertainment circle goddess .

Those wolves probably scared Lin Chuxue a bit with their whistling and cheering, and that made the rest of the crew feel a bit awkward . The head instructor immediately went over and began scolding, “What are you doing? What are you all doing? Do you still have any manners?”

Upon hearing the head instructor talking about manners, Xu Cheng couldn’t help but roll his eyes at him . How shameless was this [email protected] to be talking about manners? Who was the one that was just swearing left and right just now?

After being scolded by the head instructor, all the soldiers immediately quieted down and stood at attention .

“Everyone, go back to where you came from . You guys have so much free time now? Hurry and go run 10 kilometers right now! It’s an order!”

As he shouted, over hundreds of soldiers on the field immediately followed after their team captain to line up and began running .

After the crowd dispersed, the crew of the reality show got closer to shake hands with the instructors .

“Thank you General Instructor Yan for having us, we will be troubling you for the next few days . ” The general director of the production crew smiled as he shook hands with the head instructor .

“It’s our honor and we should be the ones thanking the ‘True Men’ crew . Your show has the third highest rating in the country, and we really appreciate you shooting the next season here to help promote the 5th Military Region . ”

Chapter 186: If I Don’t Fire Her, Am I Going to Fire You? (Part two)

“What are you talking about! You are the guardians of our home city, and the guardians of the nation, so it’s our duty to contribute to the country and help with promoting enlistment,” the general director immediately said, returning the compliment .

The head instructor then called Xu Cheng over to introduce him . After all, the rest of the shooting of the show would be handed over to Xu Cheng . He was the head instructor, so he didn’t need to get busy just to help with shooting a reality show, so he dragged Xu Cheng over and introduced him .

“This is Instructor Xu . From now on, he will be responsible for coordinating with you guys . If you have any training exercises in mind or anything to discuss, just talk to him . He will also be responsible for training the participants, as well as managing your daily lives in the military camp . ”

“Sorry for the troubles in advance, Instructor Xu . ” The general director came over to shake Xu Cheng’s hands .

Xu Cheng smiled and accepted the hand shake . “We will help each other out . ”

Then, 6 celebrities that were participating in this show came over to shake hands with him . As the biggest celebrity this season, she was also summoned over by the director to shake hands with Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng couldn’t help but tease Lin Chuxue a bit . He looked at the director and said with hints of confusion, “This is?”

Lin Chuxue’s murderous gaze immediately arrived on his face . Although her mouth were smiling, her teeth were gritted . “I’m Lin Chuxue, thanks for having us here . ”

“No problem, no problem . ” Xu Cheng shook hands with her . But he slightly frowned because he could feel her nails going into his hand .

At last, Lin Chuxue left with her mesmerizing smile still on her face, and then Yan Jing came over to greet Xu Cheng .

Then, when it was Guo Hao’s turn, he asked as he shook Xu Cheng’s hand, “You are the instructor that Chuxue @ed on Weibo?”

Xu Cheng paused for a moment, he didn’t know what the guy was talking about .

At this moment, a beautiful female celebrity smiled as she walked over and said, “My senior sister @ed you on Weibo, looks like you don’t know yet, right? Your Weibo basically exploded . My name is Liu Ziqi, I’m a junior from Senior Sister Chuxue’s company, nice to meet you . ”

Since Lin Chuxue came onto this reality show, the company, wanting to train the next wave of celebrities, would naturally bring a good seedling . Although Liu Ziqi wasn’t as beautiful as Lin Chuxue, she was still pretty . She was also pretty popular, and she was just lacking projects with good popularity .

After hearing about what happened on Weibo, he looked at Lin Chuxue, about to ask what was going on, and the latter just pretended to not know him .

Aside from Liu Ziqi, Chuxue’s company also brought another popular young male celebrity named Wang Jun . There was also a female celebrity that was Yan Xian’s junior, who was extremely pretty as well . It couldn’t be helped, because it was an era where looks were important, and this season’s “True Men” seemed to be one with pinnacle level looks, with an arrangement of three men and three women .

After introducing himself to the crew, Xu Cheng led them to the resting area to arrange accommodations for them .

During the process, Lin Chuxue’s agent Sister Lei also very formally introduced herself to him and shook his hand, “I’m Chuxue’s agent, Yan Shulei . ”

As for why the introduction was so formal, Xu Cheng got the answer after seeing that Lin Chuxue had changed her assistant . Yan Shulei probably was scared to get replaced like Chuxue’s assistant as well .

Xu Cheng came closer to Lin Chuxue and asked, “You got a new assistant?”

Lin Chuxue nodded .

Xu Cheng: “Why?”

Seeing that no one was around, she rolled her eyes at him . “You are my husband, and she doesn’t like you . Do you want me to fire you instead?”

Hearing her say he was her husband, Xu Cheng felt a hint of joy from the bottom of his heart, and his balls also got bigger too as he coughed and said, “We’ve been married for four years now, I haven’t heard you call me honey yet . ”

Lin Chuxue: “Don’t even think about it . ”

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