Chapter 197

Chapter 197: The Thing That Didn’t Change About Him (Part one)

Yan Xian looked at how Xu Cheng turned the trap that was laid out for him into an opportunity to face slap the two instigators . If he knew Xu Cheng was this good, he wouldn’t have encouraged him to demonstrate . That was like he was saying, “Come on, I’m begging you, can you please show off your skills and slap my face?”

And then in the end, Xu Cheng had to reluctantly take him up on the offer to slap him in the face .

Seeing how he was shooting as if he was hacking, for some reason, Yan Xian actually really wanted to kneel before him .

To be honest, Xu Cheng’s ability to land 6 shots with his head looking at the opposite direction really shocked the crowd . It wasn’t just any shots, but all of them hit the bullseye . If this was in the movies, it would for sure be criticized for being too unrealistic, but this was reality .

What happened just now was too manly, and Liu Ziqi and Zhao Yajing both stared at Xu Cheng with their eyes wide open . A man doesn’t have to be handsome, he just needs to be manly . That series of dazzling moves were just too masculine, and it couldn’t be blamed that those two women’s souls were a bit taken out of their body .

Lin Chuxue looked at him with a faint smile; she was a bit surprised, yet there was also a part of her that expected it .

The director immediately ran to the main camera man . “How’s this one?”

The camera man said excitedly, “Another power shot we can use!”

The director nodded in excitement as well . “From now on, include more footage of Instructor Xu, make him one of the main characters of this season too . ”

The camera man nodded .

Xu Cheng put down the pistol and then looked at the crowd with a nonchalant expression . “Come, everyone give it a shot, follow what I just taught you, and those with the lowest scores will have to perform . ”

Then, all the celebrities were super enthusiastic about giving a try . But, in the end, Lin Chuxue, who everyone thought was super talented in everything, only landed one shot, and it was an 1-point shot that nearly scraped the edge . In the end, she had to perform .

Lin Chuxue wasn’t nervous in front of the camera at all . She elegantly stood in the middle of the field, and Guo Hao cheered her on, “How about a dance instead?”

Guo Hao was good at dancing, so he encouraged Lin Chuxue to dance and then, maybe he could get a chance to join her “for the effect of the show” .

Upon hearing this, Yan Xian’s eyes narrowed . Of course he knew what Guo Hao was thinking about .

Lin Chuxue smiled as she covered her mouth . “I’m not good with other dances, is ballet fine?”

Just so Guo Hao doesn’t get his way, Yan Xian immediately applauded and cheered her on .

All in all, these two guys were happy with whatever the goddess did, since she was going to be pretty no matter what .

Lin Chuxue relaxed her body, found her balance, and her long eyelashes slightly hung down, and she suddenly stood on her tiptoes . She learned ballet back in Great Britain before and was quite professional .

Immediately, she began exuding an aura of elegance, and quietly, while balancing on one foot, she opened her arms, and her whole body became like a delicate and perfect doll standing there and spinning along with the beautiful background music . However, when she jumped, she suddenly lost her balance and was about to fall in front of the camera . The three male celebrities watching couldn’t even react in time, but a shadow suddenly flashed into the picture, picking up Lin Chuxue by the waist before she could fall to the ground .

In a close-up interview later, Lin Chuxue said this, “At that time, I forgot to account for the weight of the military shoes I was wearing and the thickness of the heel, and I almost twisted my ankle . I was pretty nervous because I thought I would fall and get injured, but I didn’t think he (Instructor Xu) could react this fast and pick me up just in time . ”

Upon saying this, Lin Chuxue blushed slightly in front of the camera .

Chapter 197: The Thing That Didn’t Change About Him (Part two)

At the actual recording scene, when she instinctively closed her eyes but opened them again, she saw Xu Cheng holding her . She was a bit nervous and her cheeks also became a hint blushed . The two of them just looked at each other and they directly deliberately paused the scene for a few seconds at this moment when editing .

In the end, with the three guys’ expressions of remorse and the other two girls’ envious “wow”s, Lin Chuxue broke away from Xu Cheng’s arms .

Yan Xian and Guo Hao deeply regretted not being able to react fast enough . They fantasized about how great it would be if it were them holding Lin Chuxue at this moment instead .

That slim and soft waist, that faint and refreshing fragrance…

Zhao Yajing felt really envious as well . If a man could support you with his powerful arm when you were hopelessly falling down, and then use his muscular chest to embrace you and give you an absolute sense of safety, wouldn’t that be the boyfriend every woman hoped to meet?

The background music was already beautiful enough, but with this new turn of events, it turned into a different kind of romance .

“Ahh, Instructor Xu, I’m losing my balance, hug me too!” For comedic effect, Zhao Yajing pretended that she was about to fall as well, but Xu Cheng didn’t go to pick her up which made it mighty awkward and also triggered loud laughter .

Lin Chuxue was laughing too, and her snow-white face was half covered by her hands, as her pair of blue eyes looked at Xu Cheng .

At this moment, the director said, “Alright, let’s take a short break . ”

Xu Cheng then glanced at Lin Chuxue and whispered with a slightly scolding tone, “You haven’t done ballet for so many years, why still try?”

Lin Chuxue wasn’t angry at all, as she actually felt really happy hearing how much Xu Cheng cared about her . She asked with a bright smile, “How did you know I haven’t danced for so many years?”

“I…” Xu Cheng didn’t know how to respond, and just when he was about to walk away, Lin Chuxue pulled him back and asked with a sly look, “Even though you were in the military for so many years, you were still paying attention to me, right?”

As she said that, her smile became even brighter . Normally, she was cold and indifferent like a queen carved out of ice, but in fact, when she smiled, that chilling aura could melt instantly, like a warm ray of sunshine on a cold winter day .

Xu Cheng had his pride and didn’t want to continue this topic . He pretended to not want to talk anymore and walk away, but Lin Chuxue just kept on pulling his arm like a little spoiled girl and said, “Come on, just tell me, I want to hear about it . ”

Xu Cheng paused for a moment as he turned around and saw that beautiful smile and anticipating eyes . Seeing that no one was looking at them, he mumbled, “If others see us like this, they would think that we have something . ”

Lin Chuxue smiled and said as if it wouldn’t bother her at all, “We do have something though, you don’t want to admit it?”

Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at her . “Call me Honey first, let me hear it . ”

Lin Chuxue shook her head, and she looked at Xu Cheng and continued smiling, “You kneel down and propose first . ”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled, knowing that this girl was teasing him again . He coughed and said, “Yes, yes, yes, for the past few years I was also paying attention to what my wife was up to . ”

Lin Chuxue laughed and only then did she finally let Xu Cheng go . Then, she satisfying mumbled to herself, “I knew it, how could the little boy that had a crush on me since we were small be able to forget about me so easily?”

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