Chapter 216

Chapter 216 The damned jinx (Part one)

When the captain of the 13th MR fell, his mind was completely blank . What the heck?

Now he began to understand the creepy smile Huang He gave to him and wondered if he had been ambushed .

But what the heck just happened?

In the thick smoke, no one could see clearly but he was still hit with a headshot and was eliminated?

I just dashed out here and was going to show off my great abilities, and now you tell me I’m eliminated?

Who the fack shot me? Come out!

While he was wondering, the commanders in the spectating room were all looking at the screen in shock . The technician said with a chuckle, “This is the second headshot from blind sniping . By now, his headcount harvested is already at 43, which is 24 points higher than the second place . The most important point is that Xu Cheng earned these points all by himself while the others got points with the help of their teams . This year, no matter if he gets eliminated or not, he’s given us an ultimate show of solo combat abilities . ”

The commander of the 13th MR, whose captain had been eliminated by Xu Cheng right after his entrance, blurted out, “How can we f–king continue?”

After all, it was fatal for a team when the captain was eliminated, because it would greatly impact the strategy enforcement and morale of the remaining teammates . They felt despair that Xu Cheng could even headshot their captain in the thick black smoke, which was a big blow for everyone; they felt as helpless and in despair as rookie players getting toyed with by game masters .

The instructor of the 8th MR had heard Yan Wei and Wang Yin sing high praise of Xu Cheng but had thought they were exaggerating . But now, even if no one had praised Xu Cheng, he would’ve become Xu Cheng’s devoted fan and brag about him to everyone he knew .

He was speechless before the show Xu Cheng gave to them .

Commander Zhou of the 8th MR was lamenting inside his heart, How come such a hacker doesn’t belong to my military region? Why?!

Then, he looked toward Commander Xie of the 5th MR and sighed, “I’ve always heard that the Three Swordsmen are the big pillars of your military region, and I thought it was just an exaggeration . But I realize that they are quite thick columns . Old Xie, to be frank, I think you’re standing in the way of his bright future, do you know? I’m sure you can’t keep him after the competition . ”

Commander Xie snorted . “I’ll show no mercy to anyone who tries to steal him . I’ll even bring it to the military court . ”

Commander Zhou gave him a dirty look . “Staying in your military region, he won’t be able to achieve big things . How can you sound so righteous when you’re ruining his future? I’m sure the old guys in the other military regions will fight you over him . ”

Instead of being intimidated, Commander Xie became even more stubborn like a bigoted veteran since Xu Cheng was now his precious treasure . With a reddened face, he said in a deep voice, “I’m not afraid . I’ll train the rookies next year with him as the center; then I’ll come back and take out all of you . ”

Commander Zhou said, “I’ll trade him for 20 top seeds, a team which can enter the top 20 . Don’t babble and do the deal . ”

Commander Xie: “Get out . No matter how many seeds you offer, I won’t sell Xu Cheng; he has feelings for my military region, so don’t make schemes on him . ”

Commander Zhou: “We’ve recruited many girls in our office department . ”

Commander Xie: “You’re disgusting . ”

Commander Zhou, “It’s your fault . Old Xie, please help me . With him, your military region can’t reach the top 10 anyway . But we’ve always been in the top 5 each year; with him, we’ll be able to charge at the first place in international competitions . ”

Commander Xie stood up and walked away in a huff . “Sorry, but I can’t give him to you . Go and steal people from other military regions . ”

Chapter 216 The damned jinx (Part two)

On the battlefield, after their captain was eliminated, the remaining 9 soldiers of the 13th MR charged madly toward the hillside where the sniper bullets were raining out from . The only thought in their minds right now was to kill the b—–d who was shooting from the darkness and avenging their captain even if they would lose in the group competition .

Xu Cheng had planned to take out some more, but he had to replenish ammunition as there were only a few bullets left in the sniper rifle . The soldiers were swiftly closing in on him and if he didn’t leave now, he would be surrounded . Leaving the sniper rifle behind, he planted two landmines in the grass and evacuated .

Soon, the 9 soldiers from the 13th MR dashed up with mad eyes and saw the sniper rifle . One soldier kicked at the rifle, cursing, “Damn it!”

He was angry that the guy had slipped away; then in the next moment, he felt something wasn’t right . With a bam, he flew out .

“You’re eliminated!” Hearing the words from the referee, the soldier raised his head and roared in fury .

Meanwhile, the three commanders said to the referee, “Get Xu Cheng’s sniper rifle and see if he cheated and installed some devices on it . ”

The referee said, “Commanders, This is against the rules because we can’t touch any objects on the battlefield until the end . After all, any object will affect the development of the combat . ”

“If we are telling you to bring it to us, just do it . ” As the three commanders continued to pressure him, the referee gave in with a bitter smile and ordered a guy moving in the underground passages to go to the location and get the sniper rifle .

When they studied the sniper rifle, the three guys were all stunned . “Damn it . It’s like the ordinary sniper rifles we equipped them with . Did this guy really depend on his own abilities to do all the flash sniping, blind sniping, and moving sniping? He killed 43 soldiers with this ordinary sniper rifle? It’s miraculous . ”

At this moment, Commander Zhou of the 8th MR turned to the deputy instructor and asked, “Will our military region meet this devil?”

The instructor of the 8th MR laughed bitterly, “It’s just a matter of time . ”

Then, Commander Zhou’s eyes lit up . “Didn’t you say they are his friends? Xu Cheng is now alone, and I think he can work with Wang Ying and the other guys . ”

The instructor of the 8th MR didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry . “I don’t think so . Yan Wei was hospitalized because of Xu Cheng and I don’t think they will work with Xu Cheng on the battlefield, especially the girl Wang Ying who has always wanted to prove herself to Xu Cheng . If I’m not mistaken, she cares very much about what Xu Cheng thinks about her . So, I guess she won’t work with Xu Cheng . ”

Commander Zhou’s eyelid jumped, but noticing Commander Xie was nearby, he didn’t want to show a lack of confidence in his own team, so he said, “Good . We’ll eliminate him and show him the abilities of our military region . ”

The moment he said it, he noticed the deputy instructor was looking at the screen in a daze . Curious, Commander Zhou looked over and almost got a heart attack because in the video, Xu Cheng had just encountered the 8th MR .

On the screen, he took cover behind a tree and watched the 11 soldiers of the 8th MR team . He was in a standoff with Wang Ying and Yan Wei, and neither party made a move .

Commander Zhou wanted to slap himself for being such a jinx…

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