Chapter 218.2

Chapter 218 I won’t forgive you (Part two)

Instructor Yan patted his forehead and said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you that Xu Cheng has an iron-like head even when his legs and hands are restrained . I had restrained him just as Wang Ying is doing, but later I found that his head can be used as a weapon as well . ”

Commander Zhou gave him a dirty look as if he was saying resentfully, “Why didn’t you mention that earlier?!”

Teasingly, Instructor Yan said to the instructor of the 8th MR, “I think Xu Cheng’s only weakness is his little jj . Next year, you can let Wang Ying deal with his weakness with her bottomless hole . ”

The instructor of the 8th MR almost spewed blood; he said with a snort, “Let’s see if Xu Cheng can survive until then . ”

At this moment, Commander Xie added in a mocking tone, “Your words sound familiar . It seems that the commanders of the 28th MR, 33rd MR, and 13th MR all said those words, but what happened? Even Old Biao cursed . ”

Not expecting Xu Cheng could fight with his head, frantically Wang Ying looked toward a retching Yan Wei and asked in concern, “Are you dead? If not, come on and eliminate him . ”

Still retching, Yan Wei cursed, “Fack you! Xu Cheng, what’s your damned head made of?”

Xu Cheng said to Wang Ying, who had her arms and legs around him, “I really don’t want to smash your small head like a watermelon with the back of my head . You better let go . You can’t restrain me; our strengths are not in the same league . ”

At this moment, Wu Hao who had just woken up behind Xu Cheng yelled at the remaining teammates, “Fire!”

The eight soldiers aimed at Xu Cheng, but he withdrew his hands, stood up swiftly, and turned around, making Wang Ying who was dangling on his back a shooting target . Her back was made a sieve by the empty shells .

“You’re eliminated . ” Hearing the words, Wang Ying almost passed out in fury .

To make things worse, Xu Cheng tossed the words at her, “You still won’t come down?”

Not wanting to beat her, he had to use some help from others to eliminate her .

Furious, Wang Ying didn’t loosen her grip . “I just won’t come down . Now that I’m dead and became a vengeful ghost; I’ll haunt you . ”

Xu Cheng: “…”

The referee’s voice came in Wang Ying’s earpiece, “Stop messing around . ”

Resentfully, Wang Ying got down from Xu Cheng and gave him a dirty look; then she lay down to pretend to be dead .

The moment she got down, Xu Cheng was exposed to the guns of the eight soldiers again . Wu Hao yelled, “Fire!”

When the 8 soldiers began to shoot, Xu Cheng pulled up Wang Ying from the ground and conveniently used her as a shield again . As the bullets shot onto Wang Ying’s body, she almost wept at the pain .

Then, he carried her as his shield to block the bullets as he ran; when he was completely out of the firing range, he put Wang Ying on the grass and left .

Covered in bullet paint, Wang Ying wept at the pain like a pitiful woman who had just been treated unfairly . “Ahhh… Xu Cheng, you b—–d . You made me get down and then used me to block the bullets . After I get out of here, I’ll make you pay . Ahh…”

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