Chapter 224.2

Chapter 224: We Must Gang Up on Him (Part two)

At that moment, the only thought in Liu Wei’s head was to turn around and run, trying his hardest to get away from this demon . Behind him, Xu Cheng looked at Wang An and sighed, “You will be beaten to death if you keep on holding me like this, do you know that?”

Wang An bitterly smiled . “You don’t need to, I will do it myself . ”

Then, he picked up his dagger and wiped it against his neck and then pretended to be dead . On his side, the groggy Ye Qiu was still moaning miserably, “My balls… hurt…”

After Xu Cheng left, Wang An patted Ye Qiu on the shoulder and said, “I saw how Xu Cheng just ripped your as- apart, and I could feel your pain . Just hold on, the staff members will be here soon to bring you to the hospital . Also, next time, don’t try to lock people’s neck with your legs again… You are not a woman, you still have your treasure dangling between those two legs, why put it at risk?”

Liu Wei ran . He didn’t care about his image at all anymore, and he was running as if he had just seen a ghost, tripping over rocks and bumping into branches as he constantly looked back to check if Xu Cheng was following him .

Finally, he fell to the ground, and when he lifted up his head, a barrel was pushed against his forehead .

“The 6th MR? Ohoho, a big fish!”

Liu Wei sat back up against a tree . As long as he wasn’t facing Xu Cheng, he wasn’t nervous even when there was a rifle held up against his head .

He slowly said, “If you guys don’t want to get aced, it’s best if you hear what I have to say . ”

The one that caught him was the 3rd MR, the number 2 ranking region from last year’s competition . Captain Tie Shi squatted down and asked him, “Where’s your Wang An and Ye Qiu? Get those two over . Last year, I barely lost to them, and I came prepared this year . I won’t lose again . ”

Liu Wei bitterly smiled . “This year, there’s a black horse that will scr-w over everyone . ”

Tie Shi frowned . “Black horse? How black? There were black horses in previous years too, but it was just a good show momentarily . Who makes it to the end? It had always been elites like us . Hurry up and tell me, where’s Ye Qiu? I need to fight him again . ”

Liu Wei looked at Tie Shi . “I’m the only survivor of the 6th MR . ”

“What?!” The 3rd MR’s people were all shocked .

Tie Shi laughed . “What do you mean? Ye Qiu and Wang An got eliminated? Are you kidding? If they weren’t fighting each other, then I’m curious . Who else is capable of eliminating them other than us?”

Liu Wei: “Let me say it again, they are all out, and I’m the only one left from the 6th MR . If you want to eliminate the 6th MR completely, you can do so right now . But, I can only tell you that you will all regret it . I have intel that could help you guys fight that black horse . Right now, I don’t really care, but I just feel that I shouldn’t be eliminated right now and that we should team up to kick that guy out first . Listen to me, if that guy doesn’t get eliminated, then the competition this year will be the darkest time in history, one where all the top-ranking military regions get face-slapped . If you all go and feed him one team after another, then he would ultimately be the man that conquers this whole jungle . That is unless everyone joins forces to deal with him . ”

Tie Shi snorted and sneered, “Only low-ranking teams that suck would team up, and we are not shameless enough yet . If there’s such a black horse, how come I’ve never heard of him? Don’t try to scare me . ”

Liu Wei looked at Tie Shi and sneered as well, “Ask yourself this, if you could barely beat Ye Qiu, what chance do you have when I tell you that, the reason I was running away like this was because Wang An and Ye Qiu were both eliminated by that guy? They weren’t eliminated from being ambushed, but KO-ed from actual melee combat . Wang An and Ye Qiu teaming up to fight one guy, yet they were eliminated within 10 moves . Have you seen this kind of monster before?”

Tie Shi and his guys eyes all stared wide open upon hearing this .

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