Chapter 225.2

Chapter 225: Do You Want to Try another Shot? (Part two)

Xu Cheng smiled . “That’s a nickname given to me by others . ”

Tie Shi: “But in my eyes, it’s not worth mentioning . (TL Note: homie you are the one that mentioned it) . Not to mention you, even if all three of you were here, you still won’t be acknowledged by me . ”

“It’s fine, I’m just a nameless pawn in this competition anyways . ” Then, Xu Cheng increased his volume . “But, the inconspicuous pawn has made it to the other side . Do you know what that means?” (TL Note: in Chess, that means the pawn can be promoted to be any piece it wants, except the King . )

Tie Shi faintly laughed . “Are you reminding me to not underestimate you?”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Or the cost could be you being eliminated . ”

Then, Xu Cheng looked at Liu Wei and said, “Do you think you can make them join hands? Do you think I will give you the chance?”

Tie Shi interrupted in disdain, “Do we need to join hands just to take care of you? Besides, you are just a pawn, any bishop, knight, rook, or queen can just eat you alive . Don’t overestimate yourself too much . In my eyes, you will stay as a pawn . ”

Xu Cheng smiled . He crouched down to tie his shoelaces . Upon seeing this scene, Liu Wei was immediately startled and he shouted, “Be careful!”

Tie Shi and the others were actually more shocked by Liu Wei’s reaction, their hearts beating so fast as they thought they were in some life-threatening danger .

Xu Cheng also lifted his head and looked at Liu Wei . “What are you nervous about? I’m just tying my shoelaces . ”

Liu Wei really wanted to curse at Xu Cheng – you facking took out Ye Qiu by tying your shoelaces just now, did you think I didn’t see that scene?

Xu Cheng continued to tie his shoelaces as he looked at Liu Wei and asked, “Did you already tell them everything?”

Liu Wei didn’t say anything . Xu Cheng then turned to Tie Shi and asked, “Did he already tell you guys to team up and take care of me? According to the list, for solo aces, there are Bagh, Daoba Li, Zhang Chao, Wei Jie, Cike Xin, and you, Tie Shi the 6th . It will indeed be a bit difficult, but it’s alright . If I can take you out first, it will be even easier for me . ”

The four comrades behind Tie Shi sneered . “So only those elites can enter your eyes but not us? Do you believe that I can headshot you right now and teach you how to shoot? I don’t like your arrogance, do you know that?”

At this moment, Liu Wei faintly said, “Actually, your shooting skills can indeed be ignored by him . If you don’t believe me, you can take a shot . But I hope that after you do, you can treat it as a dream and forget it, or else you will fall into an existential crisis . ”

That comrade of Tie Shi sneered and pointed his gun at Xu Cheng right away as he replied to Liu Wei . “I’m already fed up with you too, always talking about how strong this guy is . Isn’t it just a problem of one shot? If one shot can’t take him out, then I can just take two shots . That’s enough to take down any elites . ”

As he said that, a shot was heard .

Xu Cheng waved his arm, caught the bullet, and tossed it back at the bro that fired the shot . He faintly smiled . “Wanna try another shot?”

That bro’s eyeballs almost fell out as if he had just saw a ghost .

Tie Shi was also very shocked . He immediately lowered his voice and said, “You guys retreat first, go and find the other guys . I will stop him and buy you some time!”

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