Chapter 227.2

Chapter 227: Here Are two Options (Part two)

“Yeah, it’s me . Unexpected, right?” Xu Cheng faintly smiled .

Daoba Li: “Unexpected indeed . I thought you were eliminated a long time ago, but it looks like you are waiting for me to eliminate you . Why? Did you get used to getting eliminated by me in the past two years that you have to wait for me this year?”

Daoba Li was also the guy that came over to threaten Xu Cheng before the competition began .

Xu Cheng nodded . “Indeed, how can I afford to leave without kicking you out first? Remember what I asked you? If one day, the guy that you always bullied could fight back, what do you think he would do?”

Daoba Li laughed . “I remember, but I really want to know what you will do . Are you just going to talk tough?”

Xu Cheng no longer bothered with replying to him, instead he scanned the 6 elites around and said, “Since you guys are troubled by how to split these 5 guys, why not just let me have them all? Then, you guys can be more at peace . ”

Just as Xu Cheng finished, he moved .

Liu Wei and the four soldiers’ pupils contracted, and although they felt Xu Cheng coming at them, their body could barely react when he already arrived before them . With that huge leg strength plus the jumping ability of a cat, Xu Cheng’s speed was like a Bugatti Veyron, taking right off with instant torque . That speed was even too fast for the group of commanders monitoring to react .

Two fists immediately sent two soldiers flying, which were then followed by two hand blades that knocked the other two soldiers out . Lastly, he sent Liu Wei flying towards a tree with one kick, knocking him out as well .

WIthin just three seconds, those five elite soldiers disappeared from the vacant area under the moonlight, and there, at that moment, stood only Xu Cheng!

Seeing this scene, Instructor Yan narrowed his eyes . “Earlier, it wasn’t stomping but accidental overkill . Now, it’s time for him to show his teeth . ”

Seeing how Xu Cheng took all five prey away in front of the six masters, it would be lying to say that they weren’t shocked . No one here would be able to take out 5 elite soldiers in just three seconds . It wasn’t just normal soldiers but 5 elite ones that were just a tier below them when it came to melee combat . Each of the 5 elites could take five of them on, but no one could do it at such efficiency, and that was the reason they were hesitant and didn’t make a move . For instance, if any one of them goes into the fight to take on the other five, it would take a long time, making them vulnerable if the other five masters wanted to backstab him . But Xu Cheng, he only used three seconds and took care of all five prey before the six masters could even react, it was a level of power that these 6 people had never ever seen before . Not even Tie Shi, the master known for his speed, could do this .

Xu Cheng stood at the center and said, “Here are two options . One, you guys team up and try to take me, or second, I will solo all of you guys . ”

What the f-ck was the difference?!

Everyone was furious, humiliated . This was a blatant insult! Both options were basically the same thing, but when he worded it in such an insulting tone, he angered all six of them .

But then at a second thought, who could solo him? Everyone was hesitant for a brief moment before indirectly accepting this humiliation, deciding to gang up on Xu Cheng .

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