Chapter 228.2

Chapter 228: Not Fulfilling Your Wish (Part two)

At this moment, Commander Xie said very ambitiously and domineeringly, “If the six of you guys don’t join hands, then our Xu Cheng and our team will take the top place this year!”

Right now, this confidence of his was given to him by Xu Cheng . In the past, only the top-tier military region’s commanders could talk, but now, seeing how Xu Cheng was up against all six master-level soldiers, Commander Xie was also given a lot of confidence .

The first place’s reward was very significant as it involved a huge sum of money going towards the military fund, and that was why so many military regions were after the first place . Those top-ranking military regions would be able to get more funds and thus attract more talents and provide better training, allowing them to snowball to become stronger and stronger . On the other hand, the lower-ranking regions were stuck with puny budgets, unable to afford to acquire good talents and equipment .

Aside from good employment opportunities in the future, the top 2nd to 4th place military regions would receive a heavy sum towards their military fund, and then there was a big difference to the rewards from the rest of the top 10, and then top 11 to 20’s rewards would be on a lower tier . And if you were outside of the top 20, then the reward would be pretty insignificant .

So, if one could go for first place, why not? With the abilities Xu Cheng had demonstrated, he definitely had a shot at it, and Commander Xie knew that the top-tier military regions’ commanders cared so much about their reputation that they wouldn’t allow a low-tier team to one day climb above their heads . So, that was why the six military regions had a tacit understanding to join hands . Commander Xie wasn’t satisfied about it, so he wanted to satirize these people .

The other commanders sneered, “7th place is enough for your military region’s development next year, why are you still not satisfied?”

“You guys know that’s not what I’m after . Don’t you feel that with Xu Cheng’s capabilities, he’s more than qualified to join that ‘division’?”

The other commanders were silent . That was also one of the results they wouldn’t allow to happen . In the past, only a handful of elites were able to be directly accepted by the Dragon Division for their performance in this competition, and then most of them would have to start from the bottom and train as a rookie in that division, so that one day they could be enlisted into the 54 Aces, which was even more difficult . There had been exceptional soldiers that were directly accepted into the 54 Aces due to their outstanding performance at the competition . If one were to think about it, there could only be 54 Aces picked out from the entire nation, and if one of them was from your military region, wouldn’t that be a great honor?

What Commander Xie meant was, these guys weren’t trying to fulfil a great soldier’s dream but were rather trying to kill it . If he was really stopped at the 7th place, then it wouldn’t be convincing enough for that strict division to pick him . This year, the power Xu Cheng had demonstrated was enough to be several levels ahead of whoever made it to second place, and this kind of power gap was something that hadn’t been seen in years…

Commander Xie knew it, the other military regions also did . It was just that they were all a bit envious of this Commander Xie getting so lucky so they wanted to sabotage it .

Immediately, some people didn’t buy what Commander Xie said and replied, “Everyone know that division is one of the top realms in the military world, and obviously it should be difficult to enter . Since you want your Xu Cheng to join, then let him show his skills . If you want us to fulfill his wish by going easy on him, then it would be an insult to that division!“

Commander Xie gritted his teeth . “Bunch of b-stards!”

Instructor Yan looked at Xu Cheng on the screen and sighed, “Looks like he’s still not able to let go of what happened last year, so this time he deliberately wants to prove himself by fighting all six of them at once . ”

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