Chapter 229.2

Chapter 229: Bro, What’s Your Name? (Part two)

Bagh, who just flew out, charged back at Xu Cheng again . And this time, he gathered every ounce of force left inside of him and threw a punch at Xu Cheng’s face . It was so fast, and Xu Cheng didn’t hide but rather punched out as well to take him head on .


A loud and deep noise sounded when the two fists collided . Bagh indeed had a lot of strength, and Xu Cheng was also pushed back a few meters from the impact before regaining balance . But, it ended a lot worse for Bagh . He couldn’t regain his footing after taking dozen steps back and only stopped after running into a tree . The skin on his fist was all broken as blood dripped, his bones cracking and his whole arm beginning to shiver .

When he saw Xu Cheng wasn’t injured at all and just took a few steps back, he was shocked .

Not only him, from that series of coordinated attacks, everyone was shocked because the six of them didn’t gain any upperhand from that fight at all . Then, taking another look at Xu Cheng, although it looked like he was on the passive side, he was the only that wasn’t injured .

Bagh took in a breath and slowly straightened his body . The other guys slowly stood up as well . Then, under the moonlight, those people exchanged a look . Although nothing was said, an agreement was tacitly reached .

At the next moment, aside from Daoba Li who couldn’t get back up due to his injuries, the other five surrounded Xu Cheng and attacked him at the same time .

Since they couldn’t beat him in twos or threes, they decided to go at the same time . After all, it was difficult for one person to deal with all five of them, and as long as they attacked quickly and tired out Xu Cheng, giving him no chance to attack, they should be able to take him down .

Xu Cheng was indeed having a bit of difficulty handling them all . Although he had his ultrasonic system picking up and feeding the information of the attacks to his brain, he was still a bit overwhelmed up against 5 pairs of hands and feet coming at him with everything they got . Those five were not ordinary soldiers, and their speed and explosive strength were all top-notch . He could predict the pathing of their attacks, yet he didn’t have enough hands or legs to deal with all of it .

So, after about a few seconds, Xu Cheng did take a few punches, and when he was beginning to feel the pain and gritted his teeth, the others thought it was their chance to seal the deal .

Bagh and Liao Jun had good leg strength and they immediately clipped onto Xu Cheng’s legs, making him unable to dodge or move around . Then, the other three each locked down Xu Cheng’s hands and neck, completely restraining him .

At this moment, Bagh shouted at Daoba Li, “Are you dead yet? If not, now’s your chance to end him!”

Daoba Li coughed up some blood . He slowly got up and began walking towards Xu Cheng, step by step, with a smile on his face . “Looks like you still can’t take me out . ”

He stomped on the knife handle, catching it as it flicked into the air . Then, he came over, prepared to slide the blade across Xu Cheng’s throat .

Xu Cheng looked at the crowd and Daoba Li panting, saying in disdain, “Is that all you got? It’s a bit disappointing though, I didn’t even sweat yet and you guys are already tired?”

Then, Xu Cheng’s neck suddenly became thicker as he roared .


He summoned more than 20 times the power of a human’s limit, almost 1600 kilograms of force! Even if all five of the men on him combined their weight, it would be no more than 1000 kilograms . There was just no way they could rival the explosive strength of that much power .

As a result, all five of them were repelled away by Xu Cheng, and the scene at that time could only be described as brutal and ruthless .

Daoba Li was shocked . Seeing Xu Cheng with veins popping out and a face full of anger, those originally-injured legs of his softened again . Xu Cheng grabbed him by the throat and directly raised him into the air .

He said, word for word, “Do you want to go out yourself, or do you want me to give you a hand?”

Daoba Li was about to rip off his own badge to surrender .

“Did I approve it yet?”

Xu Cheng didn’t give him this chance as he threw him against a tree with force . Daoba Li hit the tree and directly coughed up blood and fainted .

With his back facing the other five, he said in a hoarse and deep voice, “Who else?”

No one answered him, as they were all coughing on the ground since they suffered quite a bit of internal damage from the force earlier .

Looking at those five, Xu Cheng asked, “What about you guys? Do you want me to rip off your badges or will you guys do it yourselves?”

The five of them knew they stood no chance, and they closed their eyes and ripped off their badges, indicating that they willingly surrendered . Then, Xu Cheng suddenly dropped to his knees as he basically depleted his stamina . Bagh slowly walked over, extended his hand, and said, “You won . ”

Xu Cheng panted, laughed, and took the hand . Bagh pulled him up and asked, “Bro, what’s your name?”

Xu Cheng looked at those five and solemnly introduced himself, “The 5th Military Region, head of the Three Swordsmen, Xu Cheng . ”

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