Chapter 232.2

Chapter 232: Difference Between the Two Clubs (Part two)

Bagh said to the 15 people, “I know you guys are still in denial and unwilling to accept defeat because of how you were all eliminated, but if you want to look for trouble, then follow the rules . Wait until he recovers, and then you can challenge him all you want . How about that?”

That captain’s eyes lit up and he looked at Xu Cheng . “But will he agree to it? We are indeed unwilling to accept our defeat, getting eliminated just like that and then shouldering the name of being last place . I will be honest, it’s really hard for us to accept this outcome . Can you ask him if he will accept our challenges after he recovers?”

“Challenging Xu Cheng?”

Those at the scene that already witnessed the power of Xu Cheng all snorted, and they also all knew how strong this captain was . Didn’t he see that all the Top Tier Special Forces Club’s members were already on Xu Cheng’s side? That was already a recognition of Xu Cheng’s capabilities, yet this dumb-ss still wanted to challenge him?

Hearing his words, Xu Cheng answered, “Alright, I’ll welcome you once I recover . ”

“Remember your words, and you better not run away . ” After the guy left those words, he left with his team .

Bagh turned to look at Xu Cheng and said, “He’s an ordinary member of the club, and for some things you can feel free to use the reputation of the club to save you from meaningless trouble . If you don’t want to, just say the word . Besides, you didn’t do anything wrong at the competition, so you don’t have to mind them . ”

Xu Cheng shook his head and said nonchalantly, “I understand how he feels to be out before even waking up . If he’s that confident, then I will just give him a chance and let him vent out his frustration . I will just treat it as a friendly spar between club members . ”

“Up to you . Give me your number by the way . Once everyone recovers, let’s all go and grab a drink,” Bagh laughed and said .

Xu Cheng nodded and gave them his number . After they left, Wu Hao and Yan Wei looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “You joined the Top club?”

Xu Cheng nodded . “I guess so, but I will wait and see first what kind of club it is . ”

Yan Wei: “Are you dumb? Do you know how many people desperately want to join? Over the 36 military divisions’ special warfare division, there are over six digits of soldiers, and only the capable ones can join the ‘Special Forces Club’ . But above that, only the most outstanding ones could be qualified to join the ‘Top Tier’ . The second gen heirs in the political field also have their ‘Supercar Club’, but our military one is definitely no weaker than theirs . Here, everyone’s a soldier, and most importantly, this one’s more united than that one . In today’s day and age, it’s hard to take steps forward if you don’t have a solid background . What are you hesitating about if you can join this club? Let me tell you, Ye Qiu and the others are not just elite soldiers, they also came from prestigious military families . You don’t even have a good military background, what do you think they will try to take advantage of? As for us, we are just a part of the ordinary special forces club and we are not even qualified to join ‘Top’ . Listen to us, just join them . It will definitely be good for your future . ”

Wu Hao also nodded . “Just look at how Bagh and Liao Jun stood up for you . This is the difference between our club and that ‘Supercar Club’ . Over there, there’s too many conflicts of interest so you can’t make good friends there . But here, it’s all about who’s stronger in a fight, and you win respect with how strong you are . There’s no scheming behind your back, taking advantage of people or whatever, don’t worry . ”

Xu Cheng nodded .

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