Chapter 233.2

Chapter 233: Hu Bing’s Gratitude (Part two)

Hu Bing’s eyes lit up as he listened, and he excitedly pulled on Xu Cheng’s sleeves . “Brother Cheng, if that’s really the case, then I owe you a big favor!”

Xu Cheng laughed, “What favor . You are a member of the team, and this is what you should have . You still felt that this champion spot had nothing to do with you, so you forgot all about the key rewards that we get . ”

Hu Bing bitterly smiled . “This championship indeed has nothing to do with me, it was all you . If I still don’t realize that, then I would be really stupid . Brother Cheng, it was you that won the championship for us, and just like you said, it’s not difficult, not to mention winning it solo . So, if I don’t need to leave the military, then I, Hu Bing, will do anything for you at your command . ”

“We are all comrades, there’s no need to say these things . Just work harder in the future . Remember, when you are weak, everything you say or do is wrong . Only when you are stronger, will the things you say become the truth .

Xu Cheng patted his shoulder and didn’t say more . He turned to the window, took a smoke and closed his eyes .

When they arrived at the hotel, everyone went to the bathhouse . Many comrades were around Xu Cheng asking this and that, all wanting to know how Xu Cheng managed to survive the jungle .

Hu Bing had been waiting for a phone call . When the call came, he walked out of the hotel nervously . An Audi drove over, and it was his uncle . Hu Bing knew it would all depend on what this man had to say to him that would decide whether he could stay at the military .

After getting into the Audi, there was a big belly middle-aged man in glasses . He first smiled, then patted Hu Bing’s shoulder and said, “Good job, Brat . 1st place, we didn’t expect it at all . ”

Hu Bing bitterly smiled . “Uncle, just tell me what the family decision is for me . I know that I actually didn’t contribute anything for my team . ”

His uncle laughed and said, “The process isn’t important, it’s the result, you know? You guys got first place, and you will also be given good rewards like top tier career prospects when you retire, which will be a lot better than what we can arrange for you . Today, I’m not here to sentence you but to deliver the good news! Your old man said you can stay, but if you don’t work hard in the future to show that you deserve this first place, then he will beat you up . ”

Hu Bing was overjoyed . “Really? I really can stay in the military now?”

Just like Brother Cheng said, with the halo of the championship team, he got what he wanted . Now, he couldn’t even bear to think about what would happen if Xu Cheng didn’t join the competition this year and won it for them . His career in the military would really be doomed . Xu Cheng indeed saved Hu Bing’s dream .

When Xu Cheng was still at the bathhouse boasting to the rookies about his time in the jungle, Hu Bing also came over with a towel . Seeing his face overflowing with joy, he snorted, “Won the lottery?”

Hu Bing nodded . “Yeah, a couple hundred million!”

Then, he dropped his soap, went to pick it, and then pointed his b-tt at Xu Cheng and grinned . “Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance . ”

Xu Cheng laughed and swore, “Get the f–k out of here . ”

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