Chapter 235.2

Chapter 235: Top of the Rank – Xu Cheng! (Part two)

Those from the 5th MR just got an idea of what their senior was like from the video . Hu Bing narrowed his eyes as well . “Too pro!”

“Captain Xu Cheng is really fierce . ”

“That footwork and flash sniping is too dazzling . ”

The video then cut to the part of Xu Cheng hiding at the waist of a mountain . This could even be saved as textbook material for soldiers .

Meticulous calculation, ultra-fast hand speed, terrifying aim, these aspects were all thoroughly demonstrated by Xu Cheng’s sniping footage .

Below the stage, Liu Wei, who always referred to himself as the sniper god, could only bitterly smile when he saw this . “Xu Cheng gave me a lesson of what a true sniper god is like . I’m convinced . ”

When Huang An, Ah-Pao, and the rest of the 13th MR saw the scene of their captain getting sniped, they were at a complete loss for words as well . Especially Huang An, he even estimated at that time that there were 3 snipers . But when he found out that Xu Cheng only took 2 seconds per shot and took out 5 people in 10 seconds, his jaw almost dropped to the floor .

What was most shocking to them was that shot on Ah-Pao as he jumped out from a tree, and the headshot on Huang An as he ran in the smoke screen with four teammates covering him . The hacking-level sniping skills won the applause of everyone under the stage and the higher ups on stage .

But they were wrong, thinking that it was over . When it came to solo fights, the ability that was most convincing was the individual’s combat abilities!

Then, the screen showed how Xu Cheng took out Ye QIu and Wang An, then him taking out Tie Shi and instantly eliminating Liu Wei . Lastly, the final fight against the 6 top-tier elites directly shocked everyone at the scene .

At this time, everyone suddenly came to a realization, and that was that the top 10 elites seemed to have all been eliminated by Xu Cheng!

Ye Qiu and Wang An both didn’t know how Xu Cheng took out the other 6 pros, and they finally learned of how it all went down after seeing this footage . That scene of him suddenly repelling all 6 opponents was just too blood-boiling .

This champion was convincing to everyone at the scene!

Marksmanship, convinced!

Kiting ability, convinced!

Melee combat ability, completely convinced!

“Now, let us welcome the champion of the annual individual combat ranking list – Xu Cheng!”

With a loud rumble, the loudest applause was heard by the soldiers as they stood up, including Ye Qiu and the others . Below the stage, almost everyone stood up to pay respect to Xu Cheng! They all looked towards Xu Cheng’s back image as he suddenly stood up and walked up onto the stage, one step at a time . The applause did not stop, and the entire venue was on fire .

Now, everyone understood why the referee left the second place empty, because no matter who was given second place, that person would feel incredibly embarrassed .

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