Chapter 241.2

Chapter 241: I Believe in Him (Part two)

Hu Bing said, “Then that’s right, that brother of mine usually hospitalizes people every time he fights . But those two wanted to touch my sis-in-law? Did they even f-cking ask me? Ah-Hu, you should be pretty good at this, are you confident in taking care of it?”

Ah-Hu laughed . “Young Master Hu, how big do you want to play?”

Hu Bing lit up a cig and said, “As big as possible . Let’s see how capable you are . Aren’t you always boasting to me how your family basically monopolized the entertainment industry?”

Ah-Hu laughed and replied, “Then how about completely killing Yan Xian’s career so he doesn’t even get advertisements to shoot? As for that Ou Li, no movies he invests in will be allowed to play in my theatres . That way, those five or so movies he had invested in these years would make him suffer a loss of at least eight billion, which is probably half of his assets . Young Master Hu, are you satisfied?”

Hu Bing blew a cig ring . “Very well, I’m very satisfied . ”

Those two chatted so relaxingly, but that female celebrity felt a chill down her spine . An A-list celebrity was done, just like that? A well-known producer company’s president could also be ended just like that? The waters were indeed deep in this circle . Thinking back to Lin Chuxue, the man behind her was that powerful? He must be a big character to know friends like Young Master Hu . No wonder Lin Chuxue was able to do things her way and not lower her head to anyone in this circle, it turned out that someone was really behind her!

– Imperial Entertainment –

After making calls after calls, the president looked at Lin Chuxue who was sitting on the sofa cross-legged playing on her phone . She was just about to scold her and another call came in . It ended with her constantly apologizing and giving smiles, and she finally let out a breath .

“Did you see that? Just because of you being stubborn, the calls didn’t stop for me tonight . I didn’t even have dinner yet . ”

Lin Chuxue said, “Should I order some pizza for us to eat together?”

President: “How are you still in the mood to eat, my ancestor… Do you know how much money we have to pay for the contract you breached today? The producers of three movies that you starred in called and said that the State Administration of Media and Entertainment didn’t pass it because you starred in them… You tell me what we should do for the money those people invested into those films? Those scenes with you included had to be re-filmed, and we need to compensate for it… My head is so big right now… Are you really not going to stop until you bring the whole company down? Come on, we can’t keep on doing this kind of stuff anymore, hurry up and come with me to apologize to them . I will arrange a meal together . ”

Lin Chuxue: “Nope . ”

President: “Why not? If you don’t, then the company’s over…”

“Xu Cheng said he will take care of it . ” Lin Chuxue said calmly, “I believe in him . Let’s just order a pizza and eat, and just be patient . ”

President: “…”

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