Chapter 244.2

Chapter 244: Banned (3) (Part two)

Ou Li’s eyes spread wide open and he shivered . “Impossible, how could I have offended the big boss of the cinema line? I swear I didn’t!”

The deputy president: “How would I know? I’m just an employee too, please don’t make it difficult for me . If I can do a good job this year, I will be able to join the board next year! Please don’t bring any trouble to me . You can leave now . The boss man’s son didn’t seem like he will forgive you . He already said that, in the future, any films that you, Ou Li, is associated with in any way will be banned from playing at any theatres under our cinema line! Oh right, he also said that, even if you sell your film cheap to other companies, he still won’t play it!”

Ou Li immediately became pale . “Please don’t, Bro! If I can’t get those movies to be played, then wouldn’t my money basically go down the drain? I even got a loan, and if I can’t break even on these films, I wouldn’t even be able to eat those tapes to survive! I beg you, Bro, how about 10%? I will give you 10% of the box office as a benefit!”

“Forget it, the boss man’s son already knows that I cooperated with you under the table over all these years . In the past, it wouldn’t be a big deal because things like this are pretty common . But now, you are on his blacklist, and I work for him, so wouldn’t I basically be f-cking my own career over if I continued to work with you? I will also beg you right here, please don’t call me, and don’t come and look for me again . The year is almost over, and I still want to celebrate the new year in peace . Please don’t bring more trouble to me . ”

Ou Li really wanted to cry, and he was about to kneel down . “Bro, can I beg you?”

The deputy president gestured for him to not do it . “It’s no use getting on your knees . You should go and beg our company’s boss man’s son . ”

Ou Li immediately began nodding like a woodpecker . “I will, I will, can you introduce me to him? I will kow-tow to him and beg for forgiveness . As long as he doesn’t boycott my movies and let it air smoothly, I can do anything!”

The deputy president sighed, “Then I will connect you two tonight?”

Ou Li nodded . “Alright, thank you so much! Just give me a call whenever, and I will be right there!”

Ou Li felt like his body was hollowed out as he walked out of the building . At that moment, Yan Xian’s call came in . “Big Brother Ou, you have to help me! Just lend me 30 million to help me temporarily get through it . ”

Ou Li was already getting smashed with misfortunes and was super frustrated, and he immediately shouted, “Lend you my f-cking a-s! I’m going to go bankrupt any second now too!”

Those five movies were basically his lifeline right now . Over the years, he relied on little productions and made some money, and originally, he wanted to do a few big investments to make a big return this time since the average box office in the country had been climbing every year, but who knew he would get screwed at this critical moment!

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