Chapter 245.2

Chapter 245: I Choose Apologizing (Part two)

Ou Li carefully asked, “Then Young Master Hu, can I know who I offended?”

Hu Bing took out his phone and gestured for him to come over . “Come and see if you still recognize this guy . ”

Then, he placed his phone onto the table .

Ou Li held in his pain and shuffled over on his knees . When he extended his neck and took a look, his face changed dramatically . He just saw the picture of Hu Bing and Xu Cheng in their uniforms, which was taken back at the competition .

“I heard you also went to ask some underground people to teach him a lesson?” Hu Bing smiled chillingly at him, and Ou Li immediately kowtowed hard and said while almost crying, “Young Master Hu, I really know that I’m wrong on this one! Please forgive me! I will go and apologize right now! There won’t be a second time!”

Hu Bing looked at him . “Apologize? You think just you apologizing is enough?”

Ou Li paused for a moment, and then he immediately remembered that he still had Yan Xian, who was basically his accomplice .

Hu Bing snorted . “Tonight, I will only give you one night of time . Bring that b-stard Yan Xian and go to apologize together . If you can’t convince him to go, after tonight, I won’t give you a second chance . ”

Ou Li immediately nodded and replied, “Thank you, Young Master Hu! I will drag Yan Xian to go and apologize together for sure! Even if Yan Xian doesn’t want to go, I will tie him up and drag him with me!”

“Alright, let’s get going then . I will give you a brief ride,” Hu Bing said as he got up, and he left the room first .

Ou Li was still a bit dazed, but Hu Bing’s friends immediately kicked him on the azz and said, “F-cking go already, do you still want to stay and get beaten up?”

Ou Li immediately nodded and hurriedly followed Hu Bing out of the club . When he saw the Tesla waiting for him outside, his heart accelerated especially after seeing the plate of the car .

That was a government official plate, and those that lived in Shangcheng all knew about this plate . It was the dedicated car for Shangcheng’s mayor!

Ou Li then thought back to Hu Bing’s age, he definitely wouldn’t be the mayor’s driver, but most likely his son!

Hu Bing rolled down the window and said to Ou Li, “Get in, I will give you a ride . ”

After getting in, Ou Li was extremely cautious to not take up much space and to not touch anything . Hu Bing laughed . “This car isn’t more expensive than your lambo, just bear with me . ”

Ou Li was about to cry . “Young Master, you are too funny, it’s my greatest honor to be in this car . ”

Hu Bing: “Where to?”

Ou Li: “You can just drop me off anywhere on the road . ”

Hu Bing nodded . Then, he drove out of the area to somewhere with lots of taxes and let Ou Li get off . Then, he said in a somewhat warning tone, “I don’t like to get myself involved with things, but if someone does anger me, I can be quite merciless . Remember what I said and try to persuade that Yan Xian guy . ”

Ou Li swallowed his saliva and nodded like a woodpecker again . When he watched as the car sped off, he felt pretty chilly down his back . When the wind blew past him, he realized that his whole body was soaked from sweat .

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