Chapter 254.2

The old man smiled . “That’s right, looks like you aren’t too dumb . ”

Xu Cheng awkwardly smiled and said, “You guessed that I would come?”

The old man: “Even if you didn’t come, I would still wait . ”

Xu Cheng: “Why?”

The old man: “No reason . It’s all fate . If fate doesn’t want me to bring all of my peerless techniques to the graves with me, then maybe I would wait in vain . But God blessed our Huaxia nation, I successfully waited until the arrival of a good protector . ”

Xu Cheng: “What do the normal Dragon Division members need to do?”

The old man: “Be yourself . ”

Xu Cheng was a bit confused .

The old man smiled and continued, “You heard right, just be yourself . The Dragon Division members don’t need to disguise themselves like special agents . Every member will live naturally in their life, and maybe there are already a few living alongside of you and you just don’t know . The intelligence network of this world has really matured, and the more you try to hide, you easier you will be exposed, so the Dragon Division members are no different than a normal person . It’s just that when it’s mission-time, they will reveal their blades . ”

Xu Cheng paused for a moment . “So, we all have our own freedom then?”

The old man: “Of course, you have your life and your freedom, and you are still you . In life, you can be a businessman or an athlete, and all in all, you will still be the old you . Even if you later become a duke of the British Empire or have a citizenship at the M Nation, you are still Xu Cheng . Even if you marry a foreign girl and have kids, the Dragon Division won’t interfere . However, the moment a mission comes, you have to go and complete it at all costs, and you would no longer be you, but a sharp blade of the Dragon Division . When the blade is unsheathed, there will be blood, and even if the blade is directed at your son, you have to execute it . ”

Xu Cheng: “Then, to what extent would these missions be?”

The old Man: “Depends on the person . For the important missions, the brains at the Dragon Division will assign a task force, and only when necessary would you have to perform solo . After all, a Dragon Blade’s value is a lot higher than a spy or special agent, so the brains at the Dragon Division will only assign missions if it’s within an acceptable scope of safety . ”

Xu Cheng: “Are there any rules inside the Dragon Division that I have to follow?”

The old man walked back and forth slowly with his hands behind his back and explained, “Of course . After all, rules are always necessary to keep any organization functional, and those that break it may even be executed . The most important rule is: you must never disclose your identity as a Dragon Blade, and the word ‘Dragon Division’ must never be exposed from your own mouth . Those that break this rule will be beheaded . ”

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