Chapter 255.2

Chapter 255: Being Invincible is a Lonely Road (Part two)

The old man: “Why?”

Xu Cheng: “I really want to slap him! I originally thought the Dragon Division was a legendary existence that’s mysterious, dreamy, and sophisticated, but this low level communication code shattered that sacred image instantly . ”

This was like seeing a beautiful dream-like image of someone’s back with a perfect figure and graceful hair dancing in the wind everyday , yet one day she turned around picking her nose with a pig-like face . That kind of contrast might even be enough for your heart to stop .

The old man: “You don’t understand . Right now, the communications codes used by spies are all becoming more and more complicated, but we actually thought of taking a different approach . Just think about it, if the enemies gets ahold of our code and instantly see through what the numbers we use are communicating, their expression and mood would be like you right now . They would think, ‘What the f-ck is this, the real answer can’t be this easy! Do they think we are idiots?’ . Then, they would throw that answer away and decode it with all kinds of other methods . Even if they don’t, let’s take the code ‘87’ for example, the normal answer is ‘not going’, but our answer is ‘going’ . Either side has a 50% chance of being correct, which do you think the enemy would guess under that situation?”

(TL note: e . g . in the context of English, it would be like, brb means be right back, and the Dragon Division uses the opposite which is won’t be back . )

Xu Cheng: “I actually don’t know what to say . ”

The old man proudly said, “So, the person that came up with this system is actually a genius . ”

Xu Cheng: “But I still want to slap that guy, he’s too evil . ”

Old man: “What do you mean?”

Xu Cheng: “Think about it . Even if a Dragon Blade betrayed the organization and admits that he was from the Dragon Division, an organization that they had never heard of, the enemies would already be skeptical, and when they try to expose the communication code, I think the Dragon Blade traitor would be beaten to death if they were to speak the truth . ”

Because when such an easy code comes out from the Dragon Blade’s mouth, the first reaction of any normal person would be: “Is this guy teasing me? The communication code is that simple? Beat him to death!”

Then, the Dragon Blade would say with great difficulty as he coughs up blood, “It’s true!”

He would only get himself a heavier beating .

The Dragon Blade traitor would shout, “You guys are really the true ret-rds! I’m already speaking the truth, that is how we roll! Why can’t you just believe me?!”

And then the enemies might even kill the guy, thinking that he wouldn’t confess .

Now, Xu Cheng felt that only the stupid ones would confess to be a part of the Dragon Division, because the enemies simply wouldn’t believe what the traitor says and would even think that they were teasing them . This was indeed brutal .

The old man coughed . “Now you know how smart it is? I’m telling you, the guy that came up with this is a real genius! If I was a woman, I would beg to marry this guy . ”

Xu Cheng was speechless . “Now’s not too late too, you can still go and get a sex-change . Technology is strong these days . ”

The old man sighed . “It’s a pity, heaven is always jealous of geniuses (TL note: idiom for the great have great hardship to contend with, like Stephen Hawking), and he may only have a few more years to live . In the past, he was able to command the wind and clouds, and even when 8 nations teamed up and invaded the nation, he was able to kick them all out and make the country proud . After that battle, he felt lonely, the loneliness that only someone invincible could feel . ”

If Xu Cheng knew that this guy was actually talking about himself, he wouldn’t be able to help himself but mock, “Hardship my a$$! If heaven is really jealous of you, would it let you live to be this old?”

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