Chapter 256.2

Chapter 256: Old 2 (Part two)

Xu Cheng then left the park with Bei Shan .

On the way, Bei Shan curiously asked Xu Cheng, “Did you remember the fist technique the old man showed you?”

Xu Cheng nodded .

Bei Shan was a bit shocked . “You remembered it in just two days?”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “And then I forgot again . ”

Bei Shan thought Xu Cheng was joking with him so he was a bit angry . Xu Cheng indeed forgot about the fixed patterns, but what he learned was the essence of the Shadow Fist technique .

Xu Cheng asked, “Senior Brother Bei Shan, what’s your card?”

Bei Shan didn’t say anything, instead he suddenly took out a card from his sleeve .


Xu Cheng directly caught the card, and when he flipped it over – Ace of Diamonds!

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes .

The Sky King card?

No wonder it felt like he couldn’t see through this Bei Shan . The Dragon Division was indeed a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons .

Bei Shan laughed . “What about you? Did the old man tell you about your card yet?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed as he sighed . “Don’t mention it, I just feel the resentment brewing inside me when I think about my card . If one day I actually betray the organization, it would be because of this card for sure . ”

Bei Shan was quite confused . “What kind of card would make you feel this hopeless?”

Xu Cheng: “Let’s not mention it . ”

Bei Shan laughed and said, “Is it a 4? Among the cards, this number gets hated on the most . After all, people like us from Huaxia know the bad omens behind that number . You didn’t get that number, did you?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed . “I wouldn’t be saying that if I actually got 4, because at least that number’s bigger than 2 and 3 . But, I’m the 2!”

Bei Shan immediately turned around and looked at Xu Cheng, dumbfounded . “You said you are number 2?”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Diamond 2, the smallest card there is . ”

Bei Shan said to Xu Cheng, as if there was another layer of meaning . “If you know that the number 2 is only owned by you right now, you wouldn’t be thinking this way anymore . Looks like the old man really has great faith in you . In the future, just come to me if you have any questions . No matter where, as long as it’s a public place, just leave behind your code and I can find you . ”

Xu Cheng: “My name is Xu Cheng . Senior Brother Bei Shan, if you call me junior brother, would it expose our relationship? You can just call me Little Cheng Instead . ” (TL: In Chinese, you can add Little to someone’s name to make it a friendly nickname for someone younger than you . )

Bei Shan: “We are men, why are we using words like ‘little’ . We are in the same group, there’s no need to be this distant . When we get a chance in the future, I will introduce you to the other members of this group . Since you are Diamond 2, then I will call you Old Two from now on . ” (TL note: Old Two – slang for pen15)


That’s what I was worried about the most, and that’s why I really just wanted any card but 2 . Yet, my worst fear came true!

Yet, this 30-year-old Bei Shan actually dirty-mindedly patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder and comforted, “Old Two, work hard . You must know that right now you are the only Old Two of the entire Dragon Division . Your senior brothers will all treat you well . You are the first Old Two since the establishment of the Dragon Division, and you are not just our group’s, but everyone’s Old Two . ”


Xu Cheng directly coughed up blood .

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