Chapter 271.2

Chapter 271: Are You Humiliating Me? (Part two)

Just then, another person walked in calmly . Although his hands were softly clenched into a fist, Xu Cheng could still see the calluses on his hands with his penetrating vision .

“Another one?” Xu Cheng mumbled to himself .

Bei Shan was curious . “What did you say?’

“Nothing . ” Xu Cheng smiled and said indifferently, “Someone’s shutting the doors and letting the dogs out . ”

Bei Shan didn’t get what he was saying, and he was only interested in the money . “You still owe me 10 thousand, remember-”

Before he could finish, Xu Cheng already put 20 thousand worth of chips into his hand and said, “Seeing how you were a great driver for me last night, I will give you 20 thousand in total . ”

Bei Shan: “Why does it feel like you are humiliating me?”

Xu Cheng tossed another 50 thousand to him and said, “Is this humiliation enough?”

Bei Shan: “Not enough, please humiliate me more . ”

Xu Cheng: “You little d-uchbag…”

At this time, Lin Lei looked at the newcomer’s face and asked, a bit confused, “I think I’ve seen you before . ”

That guy’s face changed slightly . If it was a frequent patron to this casino, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to recognize him, so the guy was worried that Lin Lei recognized him to be one of the in-house pros .

“You do look unfamiliar, could you have mistaken me for someone else? My name is Jack . ”

Lin Lei was still trying to recall his memories .

Xu Cheng laughed, not wanting Lin Lei to expose that guy, and he immediately said, “You must’ve took him for someone else . Come on, let’s play together . ”

Stephen and Jack exchanged a look, and a tacit understanding came to life .

Xu Cheng obviously saw the look they exchanged, and he just smiled and didn’t say anything .

Jack sat down and asked, “What are you guys playing?”

Xu Cheng shrugged . “Whichever . What do you think is fun?”

Jack: “I don’t really care too . ”

This sounded very casual, and only those that were confident in their abilities would habitually say this . Jack didn’t realize what he said already exposed something, but Xu Cheng already caught on and confirmed that he was a gambling pro .

“If that’s the case, let’s play Fight the Landlord then,” Xu Cheng teased .

Stephen and Jack were both a bit dumbfounded . “What? Fight the Landlord? What kind of game is that?”

Xu Cheng grinned . “It’s just a game we play back at my home country . ”

The two awkwardly replied, “I think we will pass on that then . ”

Xu Cheng: “Then let’s play Fried Golden Flower?’

Those two were shocked again . “Fried what? What are you talking about?”

Xu Cheng: “Then Ten Thirty?”

Jack and Stephen really wanted to slap Xu Cheng .

Seeing how lost they were, Xu Cheng sighed, “Looks like there isn’t much to play in Las Vegas, I had my hopes up . ”

Now, it was the dealer that wanted to slap Xu Cheng .

“Alright alright, I will stop teasing you guys, let’s just play Texas Hold’em . But, I’m in a bit of a rush, so the minimum prize pool is 20 million per person, and each raise has to be no less than 50 million, top is not capped . If you guys want to play then stay, if not then you can leave,” Xu Cheng withdrew his smile and said with a serious face .

Stephen and Jack exchanged a look, and they also sneaked a look at a guard that came in with them . They didn’t have mics on them and they still needed to ask for Beiye’s permission, since this game would be a bit risky .

On the other end, Beiye said to the mic, “Sure, let them play . ”

The guard got the message and subtly nodded to those two guys .

Jack and Stephen both shrugged . “Sure, let’s play then . ”

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