Chapter 274.2

Chapter 274: Money is Just a B-tch (Part two)

Stephen: “Beat me first before saying that . ”

Xu Cheng: “That’s what you said before though, you lost 200 million from the last round already . Just go and get a billion, weren’t you okay with playing at my high-bidding table?”

Stephen paused for a moment . He waved his bodyguard off and his bodyguard left .

In the back room, after Beiye got the chips ready, he gave it to the bodyguard as he looked at the manager and said, “If these two screw up too, then I think your time at this casino is also up . Right now, we already lost 800 million, and now it’s a billion . Plus the 500 million Peel that just took out, I already took out 2 . 3 billion dollars . These funds were temporarily transferred from our legitimate company, and if that money were to disappear… assets suddenly disappearing will cause the company’s stock price to plummet . You better know the consequences of that . ”

The manager swallowed his spittle .

Inside the VIP room, the battle went on .

After the dealer washed the deck, he let the guests split the deck .

Xu Cheng didn’t want to waste time here, he directly activated his penetrating vision as his brain quickly worked its magic to see how he should cut it so everyone gets a big hand but he also gets the biggest hand .

At this moment, Peel said politely, “I will pass, who wants to do the honors?”

Stephen also said politely as he gestured towards Xu Cheng, “Then let Mr . Xu do the honors . ”

At this moment, Xu Cheng already finished calculating, and he faintly smiled . “Since you two insist, then I will do it . ”

Then, he lifted up a portion of the deck to the point he calculated .

At this moment, it would depend on who the dealer was to deal first, and it would be the first guy that would get the biggest hand . Xu Cheng betted that those two were going to keep on being polite and let him get dealt the cards first .

Peel pointed at Xu Cheng, “Let Mr . Xu go first then . You can start with him . ”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled . “You are too nice . ”

Stephen: “No problem . ”

Before the cards were dealt, Xu Cheng already calculated and knew how everyone’s hand would look like .

His face-down cards would be Ace of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds, and the subsequent face-up cards would be 8 of Clovers, 2 of Clovers, and Ace of Diamonds . (A382A)

Stephen’s face-down cards would be K of Spades, Ace of Clovers, and the face-up cards would be 7 of Diamonds, 2 of Hearts, and K of Hearts . (KKA72)

Peel’s face-down cards would be J of Diamonds, 3 of Clovers, and the face-down cards were J of Spades, Ace of Spades, and 4 of Hearts . (J3JA4)

After confirming again, Xu Cheng calmly smoked his cigarette . After thinking about it, he felt a bit sad . Although he didn’t lack money, to live in this world, one will still be controlled by money . Especially this time, if it wasn’t because he had to save his in-law’s company, why would he have to be here trying so hard to make money? Then, taking a look at the Ace of Diamonds of the Dragon Division – Bei Shan, he was actually this obsessed with money . He sighed and said to Bei Shan, “You are basically a top-tier soldier and martial arts master, yet you would put yourself so low for money . Do you really have to? Masters should have the pride of a master!”

Bei Shan sneered . “This is how the evil world of capitalism works . You might not know this, but one of the top-5-ranking masters on the Sky Ranking once betrayed his organization just for money! Of course, I still have my bottom line . As for pride… If you throw 100 million at me, I would only say to you, ‘keep it coming’ . ”

Xu Cheng sighed . “Senior Brother, do you know? Your grandiose and sacred image in my eyes has been shattered . ”

Then, he grabbed some chips on the table that were each worth 10 thousand and threw it into the corner of the room . “Money is just a b-tch!”

With some sound, the chips scattered onto the floor, and within a second, inside the room, Peel and Stephen’s bodyguards, the dealer, as well as the two security guards at the door directly went to grab it .

Xu Cheng pointed at them and said to Bei Shan, “See that? Those rotten souls, they sure are hopeless . ”

Bei Shan looked at those guys that were fighting over for the chips with a face of envy as he mumbled, “F-ck, such a pity, I was one step too late . ”

Xu Cheng: “…”

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