Chapter 278.2

Chapter 278: I Believe He Will Come (Part two)

Lin Chuxue’s auntie retorted, “If the Third Prince liked my daughter, I would’ve handed her over a long time ago, and it definitely wouldn’t be as troublesome as this . Nicole’s a member of the family, Sis . If it wasn’t for the family helping out with your husband’s business, he could raise to the height he’s at right now? You can’t just do what’s best for Chuxue and ignore what’s best for the family . ”

Mommy Lin couldn’t be more pissed and sneered, “You even have the face to talk about that? Back when I got into a relationship with Brother Ren (TL Note: referring to Daddy Lin), the whole family was against it because he was an Asian and had no background in Great Britain . And you, who was the one that came up with the idea of drugging me and sending me to the room of a royal member? If it wasn’t for Brother Ren’s skills, probably no one would have been able to save me from that situation . And if it wasn’t for me, with Brother Ren’s temper, you would’ve been beaten until you were disabled! Now, you still have the guts to try to brainwash my daughter, you sure are a character! These years, it was Brother Ren that pushed the company to the current height, and he was even knighted by the Queen, and then you guys all came over to kiss azz . Now that the company’s in trouble, I don’t see you guys trying to save the company, and you guys are still thinking about using my daughter to save you guys? So ridiculous! Get the f-ck out of here!”

Mommy Lin’s little sister’s face immediately became a bit awkward . “This is what Dad wants, it’s not up to you guys . ”

Then, she just turned around and left, leaving behind the daughter and the mother, whose eyes met, both reflecting their bad moods .

“Honey, think clearly about this . If you don’t want to, then we just won’t go to the banquet,” Mommy Lin said to Lin Chuxue .

Lin Chuxue bitterly smiled . “They already know that I’m back in Britain . If I still don’t show up, the Queen will blame the family . At a period like this, there’s no need to anger the Royal Family . ”

“Alright, Mommy knows that you are very mature and always look at the bigger picture . Don’t listen to your grandpa and the other relatives . What your dad wants to tell you is that, if you are unwilling, it would rather throw away the entire company . We can just all migrate to Huaxia . ”

Lin Chuxue bitterly smiled . “What would be the use of that? Even if we go to another country, without any background, I will still attract trouble . ”

Mommy Lin asked, “Little Cheng is still not back? The banquet’s about to start, and the little brat is gone too . ”

Lin Chuxue: “He’s probably with his brother-in-law right now . ”

Speaking of this, Lin Chuxue smiled . “That’s fine too, he’s still not here, but I will still be full of hope . I know he’s definitely hard at work trying to find a way . I don’t know why, but it’s become my instinct to trust him . I trust that he has the temper of Uncle Xu, and he will definitely prove himself to our family . ”

Mommy Lin: “That’s what your dad said too . ”

Lin Chuxue immediately turned around and asked her mom with a smile, “Mom, what do you think of my dress today?”

“Beautiful!” Mommy Lin kindly smiled and praised, “Enough for a country to fall for you . Your appearance will definitely stun the crowd and make those princesses embarrassed . ”

Lin Chuxue: “I’m not wearing to show those people . To be honest, Xu Cheng’s probably never seen me in a formal dress before . I don’t know if he ever paid attention to me when I attended award ceremonies, but tonight, I know he will come . I will wait for him in my most beautiful dress . I won’t dance no matter who invites me, because I will only be waiting for him!”

In the sky, Lin Lei checked the time and asked the pilot, “Can you fly a bit faster?”

The pilot bitterly smiled . “Young Master, it’s an airplane, not a car… I can’t just speed with no limit, I have to follow the rules too . ”

They were already above London, but the plane still had to circle around while it waited for a runway to free up so that it can land .  

Lin Lei looked at Xu Cheng in daze and asked, “Brother-in-Law, what… are you doing?”

Xu Cheng was just putting on a parachute . “See you in a bit . ”

And he opened the gate and jumped .

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