Chapter 280.2

Chapter 280: Xu Cheng, What Should I do? (Part two)

The queen was pleasantly surprised . “Oh? You have someone you like already? Tell Grandma, Grandma will be the witness of your proposal . ”

Will was delighted . He immediately said in a gentleman-like manner: “Grandma, the person I like is actually at this banquet . I want to marry the Lin Family’s daughter, Nicole . ”

The crowd immediately began discussing among themselves .

Terry’s eldest son was anxious . “Dad, we can’t let the Lin Family raise up for sure, or our family will be in danger!”

“Don’t act rashly, I don’t need you to tell me what to do . ” Terry held down his son .

Lin Chuxue immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention, including Her Majesty the Queen .

The Queen looked down at the Lin Family and smiled as she said, “My grandson is a kind and responsible young man . Mr . Lin, what do you think about this marriage?”

Lin Guiren and his wife’s faces weren’t looking too well . Lin Guiren was just about to politely reject it, but Third Prince didn’t give him the chance and immediately said to the queen, “Nicole already agreed, Grandma . ”

“Oh really?” The Queen happily looked at Lin Chuxue . Will immediately looked at Lin Guiren and gave a warning look .

Those side family members of the big Lin Family immediately began sucking up to the Royal Family . “That’s indeed the case, Nicole had already agreed to Prince Will’s proposal . But after all, Nicole likes things to be more romantic, and the Third Prince also wants to have everyone witness this happy moment, so here we are before you, Your Majesty, hoping that you can give the couple your blessing . ”

The queen laughed happily . “Oh, so that’s the case . I was just surprised, Nicole had been the center of attention since young, and I’ve always been curious who was the man she like . It turned out that my grandson Will has the blessing of receiving her love . The Rose of Britain ultimately marries into the Royal Family, this is an event to be celebrated, and I would definitely give my blessings . Nicole, do you really accept Will’s proposal?”

Will immediately went down on one knee before Lin Chuxue, “Nicole, will you marry me?”

As he said, he took out a wedding ring box from the pocket of his suit, with his eyes looking straight at Lin Chuxue .

Lin Chuxue looked at him, then at the others around her . She pursed her lips and originally wanted to decline, but then, she saw her grandpa and those other side family members casting pleading looks at her, with a hint of warning .

Lin Guiren was just about to talk, but his father-in-law held him back and whispered, “You don’t want to save the company anymore?”

Lin Guiren: “But I won’t save it with my daughter’s happiness . ”

Then, in front of everyone, he said loudly, “I’m afraid that I can’t agree with this marriage!”

The crowd immediately reacted .

The Queen frowned, and Will’s face also darkened .

The Queen asked, “Why not? Since both sides have already agreed, and it’s the business of the younger generation, we should be more lenient and let the kids make the decisions . After all, Nicole is already 24 years old, she’s not that young anymore . ”

Lin Guiren slowly said, “What I meant is, after all, our blood is not noble enough, and Nicole may not be worthy of Prince WIll . ”

Will: “Even if Nicole’s a refugee or beggar, I will still marry her . ”

Lin Guiren secretly cursed, F-ck off, if it isn’t because of my daughter’s face, would you still be willing to marry her?

“Then we should also ask Nicole . Since it’s about the freedom of love between young people, you should ask for her opinion,” Lin Guiren said and he looked at Lin Chuxue, giving her a look encouragement, telling her that her father would support her no matter what decision she made .

Lin Chuxue had been pursing her lips, and at that moment, she subconsciously turned to look at the door of the palace .

Xu Cheng, what should I do?

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