Chapter 283.2

Chapter 283: She Stays! (Part two)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead . ) 

Someone immediately sneered, “You are a yellow peasant from Huaxia, and you abducted the Rose of Britain . Now, you still dare to say such big words? Do you really want to challenge the nobles? Huh? You ignorant peasant!”

“What’s a noble?” Xu Cheng looked at the young man that was talking with anger . “Speaking of assets, can you stand out and compare yourself to the peasant you are referring to me as? Can you take out a billion euro that you made yourself? Let me ask you, why do you call yourself as a noble? In the era of value creation, you produce no value for your family and society, so what exactly makes you better than normal civilians? Your soul? Or your noble character?’

“You!” The young man was furious but was at a loss for words to respond .

Third Prince Will’s eyes narrowed . “Those titles are given by the country’s royal family . What is it, you want to question the royalty too? Do you want to pick a fight against the nobles and the royalty now?”

Xu Cheng said faintly, “I won’t provoke those that leave me alone . But for those that provoke me, I won’t let them off the hook!”

Crown Prince: “So that’s the reason you didn’t greet Her Majesty the Queen properly when you saw her? Mr . Xu, do you really want to show no respect to the palace and the Queen?”

Xu Cheng then looked up at the elderly lady on a higher floor . Seeing her looking at him with sharp eyes, he responded with a sharp look as well, “I’m sorry, I’m a citizen of Huaxia, I won’t kneel in front of the royalty of other countries . ”

“Huaxia?” The queen nonchalantly murmured . “Oh, you mean one of the weakest countries in Asia? To be honest, if we go back to the second World War era, you were all just prisoners . ”

Xu Cheng smiled not humbly nor haughtily, “Then going back to the great Tang Dynasty 600 years ago, you guys were probably just a bunch of uneducated barbarians and peasants . ”

Those British nobles and government officials immediately all became furious .

Xu Cheng wasn’t scared at all as he kept on talking, “Thank you all for helping the people of Huaxia remember the dark history we went through, it’s what makes our nation always strive to get stronger . We aren’t like the Wei Nation that doesn’t even have the courage to face its history . But if you really want to talk about nobility and royalty, in comparison to Huaxia’s 5000 years of history, I’m sorry but you are really the uncultured ones . We are a polite nation, so we won’t go around and call other people peasants like you are all doing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have temper!”

Lin Chuxue and Lin Guiren both looked at Xu Cheng in astonishment and horror . They completely didn’t expect Xu Cheng to dare to argue with the crowd like this .

Lin Guiren was worried if Xu Cheng could still walk out from here . But to be honest, it was so satisfying to hear what Xu Cheng said! If it wasn’t because he already moved to this country and got married and settled down, he would’ve talked back already, just like him .

“Guards! Arrest this tyrant that scorns royalty and sentence him to death!” Prince Will immediately pointed at Xu Cheng and called upon the guards at the gate .

Lin Chuxue immediately stepped forward to be in front of Xu Cheng . “Kill me first if you are going to kill him!”

The Queen raised his arm . “Wait . ”

The guards stopped .

The Queen looked at Xu Cheng with a smile . “Temper? Just with your hot blood? Young man, when you country was getting whipped by other nations, there were also other young men like you that went onto the streets and protested, but what was the result? They were still at the mercy of other nations . It’s good to be patriotic, but remember to use your brain too . Today’s my birthday, and I don’t want to see blood . You can leave now . ”

Xu Cheng: “I’m not here to attend your birthday party, I’m just here to get my wife to go home for dinner . My apologies . ”

Xu Cheng said as he pulled on Lin Chuxue’s wrist and turned to go .

At this moment, the Queen domineeringly commanded, “She stays!”

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