Chapter 284.2

Chapter 284: You are All a Bunch of Garbage! (Part two)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead . ) 

Then, they surrounded him . They were all adults, and the Europeans’ physique tended to be bigger . Xu Cheng gently pushed back Lin Chuxue, and he mercilessly fought back at those guys as they charged at him . The punches and kicks all landed solid hits, and there were blood and teeth flying all over the place . Basically, one punch or one kick was enough to take down a guy!

He just stood in place, and those 13 people that charged at him were all on the floor, in so much pain that they couldn’t even speak but cry miserably .

Five seconds!

Xu Cheng still stood there, and he shouted at the crowd at the scene,”Who else?! Let me just use the most primal way of giving you a chance . Whoever can beat me will be qualified to take Nicole away from me! Come on!”

Just then, many guards charged in as they aimed their rifles at Xu Cheng .

Coughing out blood nonstop, Will struggled but got up . He laughed crazily as he took the rifle from one of the guards, pointed it at Xu Cheng, and said with a grim face, “Hahahahahaha, shout again! Don’t you think you can fight? What’s the point of knowing how to fight better than everyone else? It’s not highschool anymore . Let me warn you, Xu Cheng, remember, you are an adult now, and being so arrogant and lawless will make you eat bullets . Talk more, shout more, why don’t you? Tell me, what do you have to protect Nicole with?”

Xu Cheng directly pulled onto Will’s rifle’s barrel and held it against his forehead, his eyes bursting out intense murderous energy as he took out his Lieutenant Colonel identification of Huaxia’s military . He resolutely replied in a deep voice, “Try and shoot! I’m a soldier of Huaxia, and I have an active military status . Just try and shoot me . Come on, pull the trigger! If I’m scared of dying, then I’m not worthy of being a soldier from Huaxia . Pull the trigger, and we can see which country  has the stronger army! Come on!”

Xu Cheng was basically shouting in the end, and it shocked everyone at the scene, causing many to shiver and panic .

Including Will, he was shocked too . Seeing the military ID in Xu Cheng’s hand, he was indeed a bit dumbfounded .

If Xu Cheng were to die here, then it would really lead to serious diplomatic disputes . After all, there were still many people from other countries in Europe present today, and it would be impossible to keep them quiet about what happened today . Don’t forget, there were a lot of politicians in the crowd too .

Will’s hand that was holding the gun directly began shivering .

Seeing him p-ssying out a bit, Xu Cheng immediately grabbed the rifle in his hand and kicked him another dozen meters away .


Then, in front of everyone, Xu Cheng directly broke the rifle in half!

The Queen slammed the table as she shot up from her seat and shouted, “You really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

Xu Cheng lifted up his head, looked at her, and said, “I didn’t think so . You are the Queen, you have the authority here, but to me, if anyone dares to destroy my family, I will die trying to defend it . ”

Queen: “Alright, you say you love Nicole, then walk out from this palace, and if you can leave this palace alive, I will let Nicole leave with you . ”

“You will keep your words?” Xu Cheng asked .

“Are you crazy?” Lin Chuxue was really nervous . She looked at all of the tall and burly guards standing on both sides of the passage . They were all royal guards, the most elite ones chosen out of the military .

“Your Majesty, I am willing to take the punishment in his place . Please let him leave!” Lin Chuxue turned to the Queen and asked .

TL Note: It’s natural for countries to have friction . Don’t worry, this Queen is actually pretty nice, you guys will find out later on .

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