Chapter 286.2

Chapter 286: That Late “Dear” (Part two)

(Disclaimer: The following chapter may contain a bit of the nation feud from the past, let’s look past the author’s patriotism and enjoy the story instead . ) 

Lin Chuxue’s thin fragile body struggled as she tried to carry Xu Cheng out, step by step, towards the gate .

Xu Cheng would still drip blood from his mouth from time to time as his weak hands tightly held onto Lin Chuxue’s little hand, and there was a peaceful smile on his face .

Inside the palace, Will ran out and shouted at the guards standing behind him, “Hurry up and chase after them! I want to see his dead body right in front of me!”

“Let it go . ” At this moment, the Queen suddenly spoke . Seeing how Lin Chuxue helped the dying Xu Cheng walk away, she sighed, “I have to keep my word . There’s indeed no one here that loves Nicole more than him . ”

She touched the necklace on her neck, and her eyes sunk into memory . She whispered, “Philip, did you see that? Those two really look like us . ”

Then, the Queen turned around and walked back inside .

After Lin Chuxue helped Xu Cheng out of the gate, Xu Cheng couldn’t hold it anymore . His eyes rolled back as he directly fell to the ground .

At this moment, Lin Lei and Bei Shan, who had just arrived, were completely shocked to see Xu Cheng covered in blood .

“What happened?!” Bei Shan exclaimed .

Lin Chuxue saw them as if they were the saviors of her own life, and she immediately cried, “Hurry! Take him to the hospital! Hurry!”

Bei Shan directly carried Xu Cheng into the car, and Lin Lei directly drifted a turn and drove towards the hospital .

Even though Lin Chuxue’s dress and hands were soaked in blood from Xu Cheng’s body, she still let Xu Cheng rest on her lap as she stroked his face nonstop, her tears dripping down onto his face but were quickly wiped away by her .

“Dear…” Lin Chuxue was in tears as she looked at the wounds on Xu Cheng’s body . At this moment, many wounds even began to turn black . Lin Chuxue directly ripped off pieces of her dress and wrapped it around the wounds to stop the bleeding .

She touched Xu Cheng’s face which was gradually turning cold, and she quickly slapped Lin Lei’s shoulder and shouted, “Hurry! Give me your coat! Xu Cheng must be feeling a bit cold right now, hurry!”

Lin Lei’s heart ached seeing his sister like this, and right now, Lin Chuxue’s eyes were only focused on Xu Cheng, no longer noticing anything else .

After arriving at a hospital, Xu Cheng was taken in with a stretcher and sent straight to the E . R .  

Lin Chuxue, Lin Lei, and Bei Shan just sat outside the room in the corridor . Seeing how the E . R . light was still red, Lin Chuxue couldn’t hold it anymore and directly broke down on her brother’s shoulder, crying heartbreakingly…

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