Chapter 288.2

Chapter 288: Protecting One Person (Part two)

On the Thames River in London, a boat passed the bridge, and a Huaxia man in a tracksuit saw an Ace of Diamond card floating slowly from the bridge onto his boat . On the card was written the hospital’s name . He caught the card, and after putting on the hood, he docked his boat and went up shore .

In the subway, a guy that just got off work walked out, and he also saw the drawing of the card Ace of Diamonds on the stop of the Second Hospital . He immediately went back onto the subway and went towards the hospital . When he arrived at the hospital with his briefcase, he saw the guy in the track suit was in the lobby as well . And behind him, sat another Huaxia guy that was 30-or-so years old . It was Bei Shan .

The man in a suit with the briefcase naturally sat down back to back with Bei Shan as well . .

At this moment, Bei Shan breathed out a ring of smoke and said, “There’s a mission tonight, we are protecting a person . ”

The man in the tracksuit was playing on his phone as he asked in a sly voice, “Senior Brother? What kind of person would need all three of us to protect them? 8 of Diamonds, you look like you haven’t gone home yet after work, didn’t eat dinner?”

The guy with reading glasses holding a briefcase gave a wry smile . “Senior Brother Bei Shan, let’s not talk about who we are protecting first . Just recently, I got a new boss that wants to take advantage of me! I’m just contemplating whether I should resign and find another job . Help and give me some ideas . ”

The guy in the tracksuit was speechless . “Are you showing off? I would pray to have this kind of opportunity fall on me, I’m still f=cking unemployed right now . ”

The 8 of Diamonds pushed up his glasses . “My new boss is a man . ”

The bro in the tracksuit was so envious just a second ago, and now he could only pat on his shoulder and bitterly laugh . “Sometimes, a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do for his career . You understand . ”

The 8 of Diamonds bitterly laughed . “Understand my azz . Even if I come out of the closet one day, it will be me putting it in someone else . ”

The bro in the tracksuit replied, “You are indeed a kinky b-stard-”

Bei Shan didn’t join in on the ridicule and he directly interrupted, “The target of protection is in the hospital . Someone’s probably going to come and assassinate him tonight . Nothing can happen to him tonight . But, it’s still uncertain how many people will come . ”

The 8 of Diamonds: “Senior Brother Bei Shan, what kind of person is he?”

Bei Shan: “He’s one of us . ”

The J of Diamonds in the tracksuit snorted . “Senior Brother, you aren’t joking with us right? This Dragon Blade still needs people to protect him?”

Bei Shan said, “This junior brother is different . ”

The J of Diamonds sneered . “If he’s not capable, then he shouldn’t have been recruited . The assessment is getting easier and easier these years, the new recruits’ talents are getting worse and worse . If Dragon Blades still need us to protect them, then are we still going to have time to do other missions?”

The 8 of Diamonds pushed up his glasses . “Senior Brother JJ, just let Senior Brother Bei Shan finish first . ”

Bei Shan: “It’s okay, let him finish complaining . Long time no see, and it looks like he’s missing my fists a little . ”

The J of Diamonds: “Senior Brother, come on, it’s a harmonious society . ”

Bei Shan: “It will be more harmonious after I’m done with you . ”

The J of Diamonds bitterly smiled . “Senior Brother, so what about this little brother of ours? Let’s talk about him . ”

The 8 of Diamonds: “…”

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