Chapter 290.2

Chapter 290: The Most Tenacious Gene on Earth (Part two)

After Jacob finished taking notes, Jacob turned around and was almost scared to death when he saw Xu Cheng already sitting up straight looking at him . He backed up into a wall and looked at Xu Cheng in fear .

Xu Cheng just woke up, so he was still quite weak . He looked at the doctor and faintly asked, “You are the doctor . Can you tell me, what happened to my body?”

Since some of his special abilities emerged, he had always been scared of going to a doctor, and since a doctor already found out about the secrets of his body, he might as well ask him .

Jacob swallowed his spittle, and he stuttered, “Y-y-you, are you going to kill me?”

Xu Cheng: “That will depend on what you found . ”

Jacob immediately replied, “Nothing really! I didn’t see anything!”

Xu Cheng: “Then why are you so scared?”

Xu Cheng lowered his head and saw the suture on his chest . A hint of murderous intent flashed past his eyes . “You seemed to have dissected my body, right?”

“I…” Jacob panicked even more . “I just found one thing . ”

Xu Cheng looked at him with interest . “Talk about it . ”

Jacob nervously nodded . “Do you know that you have some animal genes in your body? All in all, I don’t really know what was happening as well in such a short amount of time . It was incredible that your original chromosomes were not destroyed and you are still alive . I’ve never seen anything like this before… Can you tell me, are you really a human?”

Xu Cheng didn’t know much about genetics, so he felt that he could use this guy . He asked, “Then you are studying why my body turned out to be like this?”

Jacob said, “Right now, I have made some preliminary discoveries, and it’s really a breakthrough in the scientific world! I completely didn’t know why your body could absorb all these genes while you can survive perfectly . In the past few years, no one had succeeded in this field of research, none! But today, you made me see some scientific miracles in your body . ”

Jacob said as he was very excited to tell other people about the results he found . He turned his computer over to Xu Cheng and let him see the 3D diagrams of his biological research . He said, “The genetic structure of human DNA is very fragile, and the scientific community had done several inhumane experiments . Once any  non-human DNA is injected into the human body, it will instantly destroy the human genetic mechanism and cause induced cancer formation or eventual death . There had been almost no successful cases, yet in you, I found at least 50 genes that are gently coexisting with your genome at various parts of your body, and a few of them are restricted or dormant . I’ve never seen anything miraculous like this, it’s completely impossible in the biological world, so I have to say that your body is really powerful, powerful enough to allow you to endure the most painful period in the beginning after the injection . ”

Xu Cheng thought back to how he was in a coma for three days . During that time, he was in a dream where he was enduring so much pain that he thought it would be better to just die .

Jacob pointed at a picture on his computer’s screen and said, “You should thank this little guy . ”

Xu Cheng looked at the little caterpillar-looking organism with eight legs on the screen and frowned . “What is this?”

Jacob: “A water bear, the most tenacious species on Earth . Scientists have studied this little guy for over centuries, and if it wasn’t for this thing’s genome in your body, you would’ve already been killed by those foreign animals’ genes . ”

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