Chapter 296.2

Chapter 296: Setup (Part two)

“It’s the devil! It’s the devil! It’s the grim reaper! At that time, I couldn’t control the pedal, and I couldn’t turn my steering wheel as well! I really didn’t mean to run into him!” Fergus tried to explain .

The interrogator said in a deep voice, “How long do you want to pretend to be crazy until?”

Then, he threw Fergus’s phone onto the table and said, “That night, Buren, Jiru, Tom, and Prince Will all got a call from you before their death, and in the call, you warned them about someone possibly going after them . You were emphasizing how someone was coming back for revenge . In reality, that was just a way for you to divert the attention, you want to make us think that there was someone else, but the murderer is just you! You planned this series of killings! The prince was originally all fine in the hospital, but he left because of your call, while you were already waiting outside of the hospital for him to come out so you can kill him in a car crash . ”

Fergus shook his head like crazy . “That wasn’t what happened! I don’t have a motive to kill them at all! Since you have been accusing me of killing them, then find me the proof! What motive do I have to kill them? HUH?”

The interrogator looked at him coldly, “You do! You are the biggest suspect of this whole case!”

“First, we investigated if there were any old grudges between the five of you in the past, and we found that since highschool, you five weren’t getting along, and sometimes you would get into fights because of Miss Lin of the Lin Family . That’s the unsettled feud you five have . Then this time, on the Queen’s birthday banquet, the five of you were the ones with the best chances of scoring an arranged marriage with the Lin Family, yet Xu Cheng came out of the blue and messed up your plans . So, the five of you planned to assassinate Xu Cheng, yet your hired hitmen failed and even died at the hospital . So, afraid that Xu Cheng would come seek revenge, you decided to save yourself and kill the other four culprits so Xu Cheng will have mercy on you, but you originally hated the other four anyways, and that’s why you planned the whole series of killings, right? And every call you made was just a distraction, and the grim reaper you were referring to was Xu Cheng, right? You thought you cleverly used him as a shield to cover your crimes that benefits and also saves you . The biggest motive you had to kill the other four was to either get the Rose of Britain, Miss Lin, or to avoid getting killed by Xu Cheng . We don’t have direct evidence of you killing the other three, but the murder of the prince alone is enough to get you a death sentence!”

Fergus sat there, dumbfounded, and suddenly didn’t know what to say . Right now, he could only admire and fear one person!

That’s right, it was Xu Cheng!

He pulled out this whole setup! He was the true killer that managed to easily frame someone else! Fergus knew that right now, nothing he could say would make any difference . Right, in the eyes of normal people, it was indeed him that drove his car at high speed right into Prince Will’s car, and with the motive the interrogators just mentioned, it was enough to create a homicide case that he couldn’t explain his way out of .

At this moment, Fergus’s lawyer came in and said, “Officers, sorry for the delay . Here I have a proof that my client is suffering from a mental disorder . ”

The interrogator looked at Fergus and said, “The queen is very angry . Her intent is that if you want to pretend to have mental disorders to evade the punishment of law, then your family can be punished in your place . ”

Fergus bitterly smiled . “Right, it was all done by me!”

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