Chapter 304.2

Chapter 304: Who Else? (Part two)

Disclaimer: The author is a bit patriotic, so let’s just focus more on the story than who’s from which nation . Just think that you are from Huaxia for a day .  

Terry, Jenkins, and the other royalty all had their mouths wide open as they stared at Kalan, secretly shouting inside, “Get up! Get up! Don’t pretend to be dead!”

Bei Shan narrowed his eyes .

The 8 of Diamonds stared right at Xu Cheng .

The J of Diamonds’s mouth could fit two eggs right now!

One strike?!

The 8 of Diamonds slowly said, in an odd tone, “Did you see that? In front of real strength, all techniques or tricks are pale and powerless!”

Bei Shan said faintly, “When the Division Master chose him, I knew, Little Brother JJ, you weren’t this little brother’s match . Did you see that A-tier master? He’s not breathing anymore . With just one punch, his leg plus chest were both shattered . ”

The J of Diamonds swallowed his spittle . “Fack me!”

In front of the screen, Ye Xiu also swallowed his spittle . “Is this still the Kalan that we faced?”

Bagh: “That should be him . His footwork and speed just earlier was enough to prove his strength . It’s just that Old Xu seems to be even stronger now than when we last fought!”

Hu Bing was just passionately looking at the man that remained standing in the screen, wanting to shout, “Too facking handsome!”

However, after calming down a bit, he said in unison with the other spectating soldiers, “Holy fack!”

“Completely merciless!”

“One move! He didn’t even get to breath a second time and went to see God!”

“He is indeed the man that could 1v everyone else in the top 10 at the competition!”

“Too overpowered!”

Daoba Li bitterly laughed . “Holy crap, now that I think about it, me breaking my ribs is actually not too serious of an injury . This Kalan guy basically asked for death . ”

Hu Bing looked at Bagh and giggled . “Old Bagh, so when Brother Cheng comes back, should I help you arrange a fight with him?”

Bagh’s eyelids jumped .

The soldiers at the scene all burst into laughter .

“Am I the only one that can feel the awkward atmosphere at the venue right now? Haha!” Wang An laughed .

On the stage, Xu Cheng slowly withdrew his fist, and the venue was so quiet that even a needle drop could be heard .

Then, placing his hand by his ear, Xu Cheng closed his eyes and pretended to be enjoying the moment as he said faintly, “Let me hear your cheers from a few seconds ago . ”

Bei Shan looked at Xu Cheng who began mocking the crowd on stage and frowned, “I’m not sure if this guy’s combat prowess can surpass the Division Master in the future, but in terms of showing off and being a douchebag, I’m pretty sure he’s already on par . ”

The audience that was just chanting for Kalan to beat Xu Cheng to death, no words could describe how they were feeling right now .

What just happened?

One move?

One move and then Kalan was just lying there and not moving?

What the fack was going on?

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