Chapter 306.2

Chapter 306: Domineering (Part two)

Xu Cheng smiled and looked at him . “Scared now?’

Seeing Xu Cheng’s smile, Terry felt that he was even having trouble breathing . He was indeed terrified!

If all of these things were indeed Xu Cheng’s work, he was indeed scared now! One day, he might not even know how he died if he kept on going against Xu Cheng .

At the thought of this, his body couldn’t stop shivering .

Terry looked at Jenkins and snorted, “What are you scared of? For a nobody like him, people won’t even know if he dies on the streets one day . ”

Terry’s lips were trembling . “I’m scared that I will be the one dead one day!”

Just then, Jenkins’s phone rang, the Caller-ID displaying that it was a call from the CEO of Shell .

The CEO directly asked when the call connected with an urgent tone, “Did you offend someone? Suddenly I was called into a board meeting and was told that they want to cancel you guys as Britain’s agent and get someone else to do it . ”

“What?!” It was Jenkins’s turn to be dumbfounded . “What did you say? Cancel our company’s right of agency? What’s going on?!”

“I wanted to ask you what was going on! Who did you offend? This was just all of a sudden . ”

“Who could I have offended? I’ve rarely had any competition in Britain nor did I make any big enemies . Hey, don’t scare me like this! I just lost my son, you can’t deliver me this bad news right now . ”

“Then I don’t know . Anyway, the board of directors passed the vote together, and I’m just a CEO . I’m too insignificant in comparison to them so I just called to give you a heads up . I will hang up now . ”

“You-” The call ended when Jenkins still wanted to say more .

Seeing how his face had began looking even worse than when he lost his son, Xu Cheng laughed and asked, “Was that call a pleasant surprise?”

Jenkins was really annoyed, but when he heard Xu Cheng’s words, he immediately looked up and stared right at Xu Cheng with his eyes wide open, “It was you? Who did you call just now? What did you really do?”

Xu Cheng smiled . “I didn’t do much . I just thought that if you really want to play with me, then let’s just all have some fun . How are you feeling right now? I heard from my father-in-law that your family intended to transition into other sectors and leave the oil business, and that was why you guys wanted to buy the Lin Corporation . If that’s the case, I figured I would just do you a favor . You guys don’t have to be in the oil business anymore, and now you can brainstorm what other industry you want to venture into next . ”

Jenkins fell back into his chair, dumbfounded .

At that moment, Xu Cheng said to Terry in a commanding tone, “Now, if you want to ease your tension with me, I can give you a chance . Call your company right now to use all channels and platforms available to spread the news that Jenkins’s family got their right of agency removed . I want his company’s stock prices to plummet into the abyss in one day!”

Jenkins’s face changed dramatically as he turned to look at Terry, “Bro, don’t do this!”

Terry was getting chills down his spine from the way Xu Cheng looked at him . He swallowed his spittle and took out his phone as he said, “Sorry, I have no choice but to do this . ”

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