Chapter 307.2

Chapter 307: Threat (Part two)

Xu Cheng looked down at him, “What will be enough to piss you off?”

Speaking of this, Xu Cheng suddenly leaned over and whispered into Jenkins’s ear, “Is killing your son enough?”

Jenkins’s eyes widened and his body began to tremble .

“It was you!” Jenkins’s eyes became bloodshot as he turned around and grabbed a gun out of his bodyguard’s coat, aiming at Xu Cheng .

The whole crowd were shocked .

Everything seemed good and all, but why did Jenkins suddenly pull out a gun? That was against the law!

Lin Chuxue also paled at the sight as she ran over and yelled, “Mr . Jenkins, what do you think you are doing?”

“What am I doing? Aren’t you seeing it right now? Why don’t you ask your husband what he did first?” Jenkins didn’t plan on putting away his pistol and he gestured for his two bodyguards to dismiss the crowd .

The bodyguards nodded and began doing just that . Some audience members weren’t afraid of blowing this thing bigger and were ready to film it with their phones and upload onto their social media, but the bodyguards didn’t give them the chance .

The three brothers of the Dragon Division immediately shot up from their seats .  

“Senior Brother, should we lend a hand?” The J of Diamonds sensed danger .

“It doesn’t seem like he needs our help . Let’s not expose ourselves first,” Bei Shan said .

“What?! It doesn’t seem like it? That old man even pulled out a gun!” The J of Diamonds was getting anxious .

Bei Shan glared at him, “I’m his guard, I’m going to get killed too by the Division Master if this little bro dies . Do I still need you to remind me? But I feel like Jenkins doesn’t dare to pull the trigger . ”

When Ye Xiu and the others back in Huaxia saw this, they all became furious as well .

“Holy fack, what does this [email protected] think he’s doing?!”

“I dare him to pull the trigger! Old Xu is a lieutenant colonel in the military now, and he’s also the national  champion of our special force competition! If he does to fire, I will be the first one to go to Britain and ask for a statement!” Ye Xiu was furious .  

Hu Bing also began swearing, “Who the fack is this clown?”

“Is this r—-d really pulling a low move like this? He couldn’t beat Xu Cheng so now he’s using a gun? Do laws still exist in Britain?”

“Is no one else stopping him after seeing this?” Bagh was also getting nervous . There were so many people that were actually taking pictures and stuff, instead of saying anything or calling the police .

Jenkins said to the other nobles behind him, “Help me dismiss the crowd and leave as well! Today, I’m settling a private matter between Xu Cheng and me!”

Those nobles that had a good relationship with him began telling their bodyguards to help kick out the crowd, and they also left as well . After all, no one wanted to get involved . Just too much happened in Britain already, everyone was quite scared that misfortune would one day fall on them .

The 8 of Diamonds said to the bodyguards that were trying to kick them out, “I’m not leaving . Let’s see if this b—–d dares to pull the trigger or not!”

His voice was coincidently heard by Jenkins . He put his finger on the trigger and shouted, “Oh yeah? Then I will let you see if I dare to shoot or not!”

Bei Shan and the J of Diamonds really wanted to shove their foot up 8’s azz: Why do you have to provoke him like that!

Then, Jenkins turned to Xu Cheng and threatened, “Now, either you give me back my right of agency, or you leave behind your life!”

Lin Chuxue said with a dark face, “Jenkins, have you gone crazy? You are committing a crime right now!”

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