Chapter 309.3

Chapter 309: It’s Over Now (Part three)

Just then, Jenkins had already picked up his gun from the ground . Hoping for the best, he aimed at Xu Cheng and fired the 5 remaining bullets inside the magazine .

A burst of gunfire sounded in the empty venue, and each ring sent chills down Terry and the others’ spines . But, when they saw the bullets falling from Xu Cheng’s hands, they became completely hopeless .

The three bodyguards were all shivering as well .

Jenkins was shivering as if he saw a ghost, and he really didn’t know what to do anymore . “Mr . Xu, please, let me go!”

Xu Cheng sighed, “Oh now you are begging . What were you doing before then?”

Then, he grabbed onto Jenkins’s arm and casually did a twist .


“Ah!” Jenkins screamed miserably as his whole face began twisting in pain .

He tried to hold his broken arm with the other, and Xu Cheng placed his hand on his ankle and twisted again .

“Ah!” Jenkins’s veins began popping up on his neck as he directly collapsed onto the ground, trying to hold his leg .

“My leg! My leg!”

Terry in the audience seat was shivering more and more, and his teeth were trembling as well .

Xu Cheng then proceeded to break the other arm and leg, and Jenkins’s miserable screams broke out again and again in the venue . At last, he fainted from the excruciating pain and the screaming finally stopped .

Xu Cheng looked at Terry and said, “Is this ending satisfying? Do you feel that this thing can end here now? If you don’t think so, then I can also kill him right now!”

Terry directly replied out of instinct . “It’s fine! Let it end, Mr . Xu, let this all end now!”

“No!” Xu Cheng: “It hasn’t ended yet . This whole thing was started by you guys, then you guys can clean everything up . As you saw today, this guy tried to shoot me first, so what I did was just self-defense, right?”

Terry immediately nodded . “Yes! Yes!”

Xu Cheng: “Very well, then you have your news channels properly tell everything that happened, and then this thing will end . How does that sound?”

Terry nodded . “Definitely, I will take care of all publicity for you . ”

Xu Cheng: “Thank you . Oh right, I hope that after I go back to my country, I won’t hear anything negative targeting the Lin Corporation . It’s quite troublesome to get my visa approved, do you know what I mean? I will leave you with a saying, ‘It’s easy to summon the devil but hard to get rid of him . ’ Just remember that well . ”

Then, Xu Cheng tucked his hands into his pockets and walked out .

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