Chapter 314.1

Chapter 314: Thank You, Chuxue (Part one)

Benjamin left in shame, completely humiliated .

Xu Cheng was trying hard to not laugh, and at this time, Lin Chuxue said to Lin Guiren, “Dad, Xu Cheng and I are going back to Huaxia tomorrow . ”

The Lin Guiren couple was a bit surprised . “Already? You two aren’t going to stay for a few more days to play?”

Lin Chuxue shook her head . “It’s alright, I’ve made the decision . Now, I’m not worried about Xu Cheng anymore, but I’m worried that the people here might cause trouble for him, and that he might be in danger again . ”

Xu Cheng was speechless .

On the next day, before boarding, the family chit-chatted a bit and Lin Chuxue gave a big hug to her parents . After all, she had left the country for about five years already, and she only stayed for a short while this visit before going back again . She felt she didn’t fulfil her responsibilities as a daughter to take care of her parents .

Seeing her crying a little, Xu Cheng couldn’t help but try to tease her a little to cheer her up . “Come on, you are making it seem like I wronged you or something, I’m working so hard to give you happiness already…”

Lin Chuxue lightly smacked him on the back of his head . “Don’t ruin the moment . ”

Xu Cheng laughed, and then he inadvertently turned and saw Bei Shan who was hiding among the crowd . He paused for a moment, then activating penetrating vision, he saw the J of Diamonds in the southeast direction and the 8 of Diamonds in the northwest direction . They seemed to be on the lookout for someone .

Seeing this, the smile on his face gradually disappeared .  

“Alright, Dad, Mom, you two take care of your health . For the time being, Lei will stay here to take care of you two, and I will call him over when I need him to come and check on the goods,” Xu Cheng said .

Lin Guiren nodded, and then he pulled Xu Cheng off to the side and said, “When you go back, remember to bring some erguotou (TL Note: Chinese white liquor, a type of baijiu) for him . It’s his favorite . Also, I can’t control what you do in the future nor will I try to stop you, but please protect my Chuxue . ”

“I will, Dad . ” Xu Cheng nodded .

“Alright, go and board the plane now . ” Lin Guiren patted him on the shoulder .

After Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue boarded the plane, Bei Shan and the J and 8 of Diamonds boarded the same flight .

The three of them didn’t sleep and took turns keeping an eye on a man from the M Nation .

Xu Cheng very soon noticed the man that they were keeping an eye on, who was quite muscular and didn’t seem like an ordinary guy . However, since these three didn’t come to speak to Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng knew they were intending to not seem related to him . After arriving at Huaxia, that man from the M Nation walked behind Xu Cheng, and the three Dragon Blades all walked behind him as well .

Xu Cheng sensed that this guy’s identity was probably not simple, but he pretended that he didn’t notice anything and kept on walking . Before exiting from the VIP terminal, Lin Chuxue took off her shades and asked him, “You sure you want to walk out with me?”

Xu Cheng: “Is there a problem?”

Lin Chuxue pouted . “My identity . ”

Xu Cheng patted himself on the forehead . “Oh right, I forgot, you are a celebrity . You can walk out first . ”

Lin Chuxue: “That’s not what I meant . If you want, I don’t mind letting the public know about our relationship . It’s just that I’m afraid that you will be attacked by my fans . If you are ready, then I will openly disclose our relationship on Weibo . I already made up my mind, I don’t want to hide it anymore and I want to get everyone’s blessing . ”

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