Chapter 315.2

Chapter 315: Are You Saying I’m Petty? (Part two)

Then, Xu Cheng went to the management office of Fen Mountain graveyard, and he gave them the death certificate he got earlier from the police station and properly registered his dad . Now, the photo and name of his dad could be officially put onto the tombstone .

After that, Xu Cheng took Lin Chuxue back to his apartment .

It was Ran Jing that came to open the door . She was a bit surprised to see Xu Cheng and when he saw Lin Chuxue behind him, an odd expression appeared on her face .

“You guys came at the same time?”

Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue shared a look and smiled . Xu Cheng bitterly said to Ran Jing, “I wasn’t lying to you . She’s my wife . ”

Lin Chuxue nodded . “He’s my husband . ”

Ran Jing’s jaw almost dropped onto the floor . A scene suddenly flashed into her mind when she first met with Xu Cheng . Back then, he looked at the big billboard in the bustling metropolis and said, “Lin Chuxue’s my wife . ”

Back then, she said, “If Lin Chuxue’s your wife, I will live-stream myself eating poop!”

Who knew that these two people that were seemingly from two different worlds and didn’t live together were actually a couple?

Who was Lin Chuxue? She was a dazzling queen, an existence unreachable by ordinary people . Her worth was in the tens of millions, and the men that pursued her were either wealthy or powerful . No one would think that she would date a low-key policeman that earned less than 20 thousand yuan every month .

No one would think of those two together, but!

Mars crashed into Earth, and Ran Jing’s head was hurting .

She was still in denial that God would play such a joke on her . She dryly laughed and said, “April Fool’s Day hasn’t arrived yet . ”

Xu Cheng also smiled . “Damn, still can’t fool you . ”

In fact, he didn’t want Ran Jing to feel awkward .

Ran Jing rolled her eyes . “You guys haven’t appeared in a long time . Chuxue, how have you been? I haven’t seen much news about you in the entertainment circle . ”

Lin Chuxue smiled . “I went back home . ”

Ran Jing looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “What about you?”

Xu Cheng: “I went on a trip . It was pretty fun . ”

Upon seeing the two of them sit down, Ran Jing said, “Good thing you are back . I already found a place so I moved my stuff out already . I stayed here for a bit longer because I thought you might get thieves since you haven’t been home for so long . Here’s the key, I will get going first . ”

As a criminal police officer, no matter how dumb Ran Jing was, she would still get that Xu Cheng wasn’t joking . Maybe the two of them really got married . This might be the reason Shen Yao suddenly decided to leave . After all, she fell in love with her best friend’s man . It wasn’t difficult to connect all the dots now .

To be honest, for some reason, she was also feeling really blue . After giving the keys to Xu Cheng, she felt a bit upset seeing how Xu Cheng didn’t ask her to stay .

After she left, Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “You don’t plan on chasing after her?”

Xu Cheng shook his head . “Then why do you directly reject any man that courts you?”

Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes at him . “You know the answer . ” 

Xu Cheng smiled . “Same goes for me . We both have too small of a heart to share stuff, especially when it comes to relationships . If I chased after her, then maybe the two of us wouldn’t be where we are today . ”

Lin Chuxue chuckled and asked, “Just be straightforward when you call me petty, why coat it so well?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed . “I’m afraid of getting hit by you again, Master…”

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