Chapter 316.3

Chapter 316: The Little Joker Card That was Deleted (Part three)

“That business is between him and the Division Master . He used to be the junior brother under the same teacher of the Division Master, and there was also a junior sister under that teacher . She obviously liked the Division Master, and the Division Master also liked her . However, the Division Master was too focused on making the Dragon Division more powerful and hadn’t been paying much attention to the junior sister . At the time, the Little Joker also liked her . In the end, he used some means and tarnished her, and the Division Master and him had a huge falling out . The Little Joker swore that he would one day be more powerful than the Division Master, so he joined the M Nation! The Division Master didn’t mind that his junior sister (not actual sister, but studying under the same teacher) was tarnished and still wanted to marry her, but who knew that that lady would have such strong pride that she would feel that she was no longer worthy of the Division Master and choose to end her life . Since then, the Division Master parted ways with love . Actually, it wasn’t because he was done with love, his heart just couldn’t let any other woman in anymore . She became an obstacle he could never pass . ”

Xu Cheng didn’t think that the Dragon Division had this kind of past .

Bei Shan said, “The Little Joker is very ambitious, and he had always wanted to beat the Division Master and the Dragon Division . The elites under the 5th Division were all taught by him, and they are also the opponents that know us the most! The guy we saw today probably suspected that you were a member of the Dragon Division so he came over and checked, but he didn’t know that we were also following him . ”

Speaking of this, Bei Shan looked at Xu Cheng seriously and said, “Old Two, you must not let other people find out about your identity as a Dragon Division member . Remember, not even your wife . Something can happen to any of us, but just not you, you are very important, got it?”

Xu Cheng was a bit confused . “Why?”

Bei Shan: “Because you are 2! The 2 from 1, 2, 3!”

Bei Shan sighed in his heart .  And the Division Master is the 1!

Xu Cheng looked as if he sort of understood . At this moment, Lin Chuxue cheerfully called from the kitchen, “Food is ready, come on and eat . ”

Bei Shan directly ran over .

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