Chapter 318.2

Chapter 318: The Quality of Being Able to Pick Up and Let Go (Part two)

The two of them got onto that sh!tbox that Xu Cheng drove . Bei Shan immediately began to complain . “You are even willing to drop 3 . 3 billion to marry your wife, why don’t you get a better car? I’m hanging out with you because I know you are rich, okay? But I’m not even comfortable sitting in your car, you know?”

Xu Cheng: “This is called being low key, what would you know . Outside of Huaxia, we can be however high key we want because our nation’s face is also on the line . But after coming back to the country, just be more natural . Don’t worry, I’m a pretty big deal in Shangcheng . Don’t just see that my car’s a piece of sh!t, my face is the VIP card, and I will guarantee you have all the food you want . ”

Then, the two of them drove to the nightclub Hu Bing that sent him the address of . Xu Cheng told Bei Shan to get out of the car first, and at that time, the security began shouting, “Hey, you can’t park here . Here we have a rule to not let cars below B-tier to park by the entrance to affect the reputation . ”

Bei Shang couldn’t help but ridicule Xu Cheng . He pointed at Xu Cheng and asked that security guard, “Do you know who he is? How dare you shout at his majestic VIP face like that?”

That security glanced at Xu Cheng . “Nope . Do I even need to know someone that drives this kind of car?”

Bei Shan picked his nose and told Xu Cheng, “See? In this world, people judge you by the surface, and that’s why I told you to get a new car . ”

Xu Cheng was speechless . But just at that moment, the lobby manager directly came out and shoved his foot up the security guard’s azz . “Open your eyes and take a clearer look! You even dare to block Young Master Xu’s path? Get the fack out of here, why are you still standing here instead of trying to valet Young Master Xu’s car for him?”

That security guard that was kicked onto the floor immediately nodded and said to Xu Cheng, “I’m sorry, Master Xu, I’m really sorry!”

After giving the key to him, he and Bei Shan walked into the elevator . That lobby manager personally led them to their room .

Xu Cheng said at that moment, “From the way you talk, you seem to be from one of the old four Gates . Which one were you from?”

The manager was a bit startled as he immediately turned around and smiled, “Master Xu, I-I used to be in the North Gate gang, but I’m no longer in that field of business anymore . Now, I just use my people-skills and help out here at this club, everything I do is strictly adhering to the law now . ”

Xu Cheng nodded and passed a cigarette to him before putting one into his own mouth .

The manager took it respectfully and said, “Thanks, Master Xu . ”

Then, the manager took out a lighter and personally lit Xu Cheng’s cigarette . After getting out of the elevator, Xu Cheng said to that lobby manager, “You can go and take care of other stuff, I know the room number . ”

“Alright . ” The manager nodded and smiled before turning around and walking away .

Bei Shan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Aiyo, not bad, I didn’t know your face really worked like a VIP card . ”

Xu Cheng: “If you can go down the old streets of the North Gate gang and beat up 100 people by yourself, you can also scan your face like a VIP card . Do you know why I quit?”

Bei Shan asked, “Why?”

Xu Cheng sighed and explained, “Because of my capabilities . As just a team captain of the Criminal Investigation Division, the underground world’s more afraid of me than the police HQ director . What do you think will happen to me if I stay? If I stayed, I would have to fully integrate myself into this system, and by then, if I’m not careful, before I can clean up the trash in the society, I might’ve already been screwed over by people on my own side . That would be tragic . I don’t play politics, but I know and I can see clearly . This isn’t like the army, where the ranks you get is from your hard work and capabilities, and the epaulettes are like a symbol of my strength . I like that kind of system better!”

Xu Cheng’s words gave Bei Shan a higher understanding of him . He always thought that Xu Cheng needed more work, whether it was the mind or the body . As the successor of the Division Master, any flaw could be deadly to the entire Dragon Division . But, his words allowed Bei Shan to see Xu Cheng’s discipline and holistic view of the big picture . Maybe that was also why the Division Master is the Division Master, and the Little Joker couldn’t become the Division Master .

Because to the Division Master, he could pick something up and let it go . But to the Little Joker, his greed for power was just too heavy!

Could it be that the Division Master had been paying attention to Xu Cheng since the beginning?

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