Chapter 320: Chapter 320 - People of the Supercar Club Came

Chapter 320: People of the Supercar Club Came

Young Master Zhang led his friends to Room 88 and asked the bros that were already inside, “Why didn’t you guys go to Room 888 today?”

The other young masters playing cards inside said, “Someone already booked it . ”

Young Master Zhang snorted, “Today’s so unlucky . ”

“What happened?”

Young Master Zhang: “I don’t know what’s the occasion tonight, this night club actually has so many people that I couldn’t even find a spot to park . And the boss here is so facking slow with his brain that he didn’t think of reserving a spot for me . And there was even a parking spot that was occupied by a Santana . Isn’t that a big slap to my face? I told the staff to move that car out of the way for me, and they refused, so I just ran it open . ”

“That’s really your usual style, but aren’t you afraid that the owner might look for trouble?”

“He has the guts to?” Young Master Zhang sneered . “Just that s--t car, I can just throw a hundred thousand yuan at him and he will even thank me . He drove such a pile of junk yet he still comes to this place, what’s up with that? I was already scolded by my old man earlier today, I’m still angry right now . ”

Just as he finished saying, someone knocked on their room’s door . The waiter poked his head in and asked, “You-young Master Zhang, the owner of the car you just bumped wants you to come out . ”

The other guys all felt like there was going to be a good show .

“You didn’t tell him it was me, Zhang Tianyou that facked up his car?”

“I told him! I said it was you, Young Master Zhang, but he insisted on having me get you out . ” “Aiyo, has this guy not heard of me or something?” Zhang Tianyou snorted .

“He’s probably someone from outside the city . Should we all go down together? I haven’t beaten up someone in a long time . ” Zhang Tianyou laughed . “I guess he’s begging me to teach him a lesson . Alright then, come on, let’s go . ”

Zhang Tianyou immediately pushed the waiter out of the way as 7 other rich heirs followed him down the stairs .

Xu Cheng waited for him on the side of his Bugatti Veyron .

(TL Note: Yeah the guy’s dumb, crashing a sh!tbox with a Bugatti)

Zhang Tianyou came over to him and asked, annoyed, “How much do you need me to compensate you? Just tell me . Also, remember next time to not drive this kind of car to dirty my eyes . ” Xu Cheng didn’t respond to his question at all . He directly pointed at the Bugatti and asked, “This car’s yours, right?”

Zhang Tianyou nodded . “What do you want to do? Move your hand . You won’t even be able to afford the paint job if you scratch it . ”

Xu Cheng suddenly raised his fist and let it drop down on the front cover of the supercar!


The front of the car immediately caved downward and was deformed . Then, Xu Cheng raised his fist and slammed down again .


The front cover was smashed open, and a hole appeared . Xu Cheng reached in and forcefully pulled up, directly pulling the front cover off of the car . Then, he stomped on the most expensive part of the vehicle, which was its engine, and the aluminum alloy engine directly became a piece of junk and began giving off sparks . He even pulled out all the wires and pipes, and he was still not done . He then walked around the car and shattered the windows on both sides . Finally, he rammed his foot against the butt of the car, and the car directly moved forward and ran into the wall .

After doing all that, he looked at Zhang Tianyou and said, “I don’t plan on paying you back a cent!”

Zhang Tianyou and his bros were all dumbfounded .

Zhang Tianyou was especially shocked . Seeing how his 20-million-yuan supercar had now become a piece of junk, he was obviously furious . “I’m going to [email protected] you up!”

But just as he finished shouting, Xu Cheng’s foot had already arrived at his stomach and sent him flying for a dozen meters before landing . Then, Xu Cheng went up and grabbed him by the collar and slapped him in the face . “Since your mom didn’t teach you good manners, then let me do it!”

Those few rich heirs behind Zhang Tianyou immediately became anxious and they all came over, wanting to beat up Xu Cheng .

But, Xu Cheng just turned around and slapped all of them to the ground . Each of their faces had become red and swelled on one side of their cheeks, but Xu Cheng obviously put killing intention behind those slaps .

At last, all 8 of them were on the ground, and Xu Cheng stood in the center and lit up a cigarette . Now he finally felt a bit less angry .

“Do you know who I am?” Zhang Tianyou shouted, “I’m the eldest son of the President of the Zhang Lin Group – Zhang Tianyou!”

Xu Cheng puffed out some smoke and said, “Not to mention you, even if your dad comes and dares to do that to my car, I would beat him up the same way as I did to you . Let me tell you, in this society, you won’t always get your way just because you have money!”

“If you have the balls then stay here and don’t run, I will make you beg on your knees and call me master!” Zhang Tianyou said as he pulled out his phone and directly started calling .

“Hello? Boss, Second Big Brother, I got bullied at Shining Pearl Nightclub, hurry up and come!”

Xu Cheng looked at him and said, “I’m not leaving, I will be upstairs . After you get your guys, you can come up and find me . I will wait for you . ”

Then, he walked back into the nightclub .

The manager of the nightclub walked to him pale-faced and said, “Master Xu, there’s big trouble! This Young Master Zhang is one of the Four Young Masters of Shangcheng . They are all the richest heirs in this city, and they are very scary if provoked . ”

“You are not involved in tonight’s business, so don’t try to get involved too,” Xu Cheng said and went into the elevator .

Zhang Tianyou and the others all waited for their reinforcements .

The boss of the nightclub got the call and anxiously came over as well . He couldn’t guess who would dare to provoke these terrible young masters . By now, everyone in the circle tried to avoid those guys that didn’t do anything productive and only knew how to play with supercars and women, since no good fruit would come if one accidentally provoked them . These four young masters all came from super wealthy backgrounds . Their families were all on the wealth and influence ranking board in Shangcheng, and they were also big characters nationwide .

“Hey! Young Master Zhang! Sorry if the hospitality wasn’t good enough! What happened to you guys?” The boss came over smiled apologetically, afraid of provoking this young master even more .

Zhang Tianyou’s face was already hurt, and he felt pretty embarrassed feeling half of his face was all red and swollen . At this moment, he felt anyone that came to see him was there to laugh at him, so he directly pushed the boss away . “Get the fack out of my face! Tonight, don’t get involved, unless you don’t want to stay in Shangcheng in the future!”

“Ah, Young Master Zhang, please take pity on me . I just run a small business, I will be doomed if something serious were to happen here and the place might get shut down by the officials too…”

“Can’t you understand me?” Zhang Tianyou coldly glanced at him .

Not long after, over twenty supercars surrounded the club, revving their loud engines .

None of these supercars cost less than 5-million-yuan, and there were more than a dozen that were above 10 million . Upon seeing this, the boss’s face immediately changed . “[email protected], it’s the Supercar Club!”

Someone worth one million could afford a car that was about 200 thousand, and someone worth five million could afford a car worth around 700 to 800 thousand . So, to be able to afford million-yuan supercars, it wouldn’t be feasible at all if they didn’t have over tens of millions of yuan in assets because just normal maintenance would be a handful . And, for those cars worth over tens of millions of yuan, they would have to have over a hundred-million-yuan in assets to be able to afford it . So, the Supercar Club was born, and the amount and value of the cars you owned decided your position in the club . Usually, you could join it as long as you had a supercar, and it was really just a place to flaunt wealth .

And now, the ones that just arrived were the other three of the Four Young Masters . Now, all four were here, and something was bound to happen .

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