Chapter 323.2

Chapter 323: Behind Him is the Top Special Forces Club (Part two)

“I don’t . ” Hu Bing shrugged his shoulders, but he pointed behind him with his thumb and said, “But Big Brother Cheng does . He’s a core member of the Top Special Forces Club . Really, I already told you guys earlier to do me a favor and just move on, but you guys didn’t listen . Now, I will just be more clear, if you guys wanna start using your networks to get back at Big Brother Xu, the Special Forces Club is behind him . You guys can think about it . I already called the ambulance for you guys, they should be here soon . ”

Then, he also went back into the club .

Li Wei sat on the ground, discouraged to the point of not knowing what to say . Zhang Tianyou was just on the ground the whole time and didn’t get up once . With his head covered in bruises and blood, he was scared now . Right now, he couldn’t find any reason to fight back .

Everyone at the scene succumbed to the result . No matter what they tried, they just couldn’t get the upper hand fighting against that guy . Besides, that guy could have easily killed them, but he didn’t .

The ambulance indeed came . Three actually . After being carried onto the stretcher, a period was also marked onto tonight’s event .

They won’t be able to play against the Special Forces Club at all . Unless it was the Prince Alliance (TL Note: in China, the slang ‘prince’ means the second-generation of powerful political figures), they could still go at it for a few rounds with them . As for business families like them, to be frank, they would have to listen to the government and military . If things got to that scale, it would be their family business that gets screwed . These guys aren’t stupid too, and under their parents’ reminders, they also knew what kind of existences can’t be messed with .

When Zhang Tianyou was carried into an ambulance, he said to a friend of his that could still walk, “Go and take that sh!tb-, I mean Satana to the repair shop and get it fixed . Return it to him when it’s done . ”

In a corner in the night club’s parking lot, there was a guy standing still, trembling . It was none other than the producer Ou Li, who had previously offended Xu Cheng . He saw the whole event tonight . Originally, he came here with his script to chat up a few investors, but who knew he would’ve coincidentally ran into this scene . In fact, when this thing happened, everyone at the club was basically watching from their windows .

After seeing how Xu Cheng beat up the Four Young Masters like ants and how those four had absolutely no intention to fight back after, Ou Li knew the man behind Lin Chuxue wasn’t simple . Not to mention his strength, just by the fact that those four young masters didn’t throw a tantrum after getting beat up already spoke volumes about his background .

Ou Li swallowed his spittle . No wonder, back then, within just one night, both him and Yan Li were blocked out in the entertainment circle . That efficiency was like lightning, he was indeed not a simple character . An existence that could beat up the four Young Masters of Shangcheng and not worry about consequences, this guy could probably live like a king in Shangcheng…

Ou Li couldn’t be more glad about the decision he made back then, or else he wouldn’t even have known how he died .

Before Xu Cheng entered his room, the chubby boss of this club jogged over and said with a big smile . “Mr . Xu, please wait for a second . Back there, what you said to those four young masters, you are really like a kind teacher that points at the right directions in life for others . I’m someone that really respects and admires teachers, because they can teach people how to behave . If there are no teachers, then society wouldn’t be as civilized and harmonious as it is right now, right?”

Xu Cheng looked at him from the corner of his eyes . “What are you trying to say?”

The boss awkwardly smiled as he took out a card made out of gold and said, “I failed to give Teacher Xu a gift on Teacher’s Day, so I have to make up for it today . I hope you accept it . You can enjoy the best discounts when you come to this place in the future . ”

Xu Cheng took the card and said, “My words back there were classic, didn’t you see how they all had their heads down and couldn’t rebut at all? Just for that, don’t call me Teacher Xu, call me Professor Xu . ”

Then, he went back into the room .

After going in, he tossed the card to Bei Shan . “VIP card, Golden . If you can’t survive in this society anymore, this card can still feed you for a few days . ”

Bei Shan accepted it without even a slight hesitation . “Indeed my bro . I’m no longer angry about what your wife fed me tonight . ”

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