Chapter 325.2

Chapter 325: Just Like Before, Dripping Swag (Part two)

Blessing or disaster, it was inevitable . He still opened the door, and the police directly said to him, “We received a call from Mrs . Fang Hua, saying that you intentionally injured her for no reason . Now, we are detaining you . Please come back with us to the bureau for investigation . ”

Xu Cheng didn’t resist arrest, following the whole process and going to the Police HQ .

He didn’t expect that he would return to this place in this kind of fashion .

But, when they saw Xu Cheng coming in with cuffs on, those who knew him all stared at the scene with their eyes wide open . Especially those that previously worked under Xu Cheng at Team 2, they were all furious . Wu Gang directly came over, stood in the way of the captain that arrested Xu Cheng, and interrogated, “What crime did he commit?”

That captain didn’t know Xu Cheng and said righteously, “Intentional assault . ”

Wu Gang: “Take off his handcuffs right now . ”

Captain: “No, he’s still a suspect, and we can’t unlock it until the investigation’s done . ”

Li Chao came over with a darkened face . “You can investigate, but uncuff him right now!”

The 5 officers behind the captain all came up as well . “We are following the proper protocol . ”

Right after they said that, the Team 2 members swarmed over and surrounded them, all looking like they were going to eat them .

Just then, Ran Jing slowly walked over and said, “Just uncuff him, he won’t do anything . You guys can investigate, but cuffing one of the prime contributors of the harmonious society today, you guys will be spurned by the rest of the HQ . ”

Since Captain Ran Jing had spoken, that police officer captain couldn’t bear the pressure and moved out of the way .

Li Chao directly grabbed the key from his hand and came over to unlock Xu Cheng’s cuffs . “Big Brother Cheng, what’s going on?’

Xu Cheng smiled . “I got set up, but it’s fine . You guys don’t have to get involved . ”

Wu Gang directly said to that team captain, “I will take over this case . ”

The Team Captain: “No, this is just a small civil case, it’s not under the jurisdiction of your Criminal Investigation Department . Take him in and lock him up . ”

Then, his men brought Xu Cheng into a jail cell .

Wu Gang angrily asked the captain, “Then where’s the victim?”

That captain directly took out an arrest warrant and showed it to everyone from the Criminal Investigation Department that was standing in his way . “I’m just following orders, don’t cause trouble for me!”

Seeing that document, everyone backed off a little .

Ran Jing’s deputy said to her, “It’s the Deputy Director’s stamp . ”

Ran Jing nodded . “Find out what happened . ”

Her deputy nodded .

After getting put into a cell, he casually reached out behind bars and asked Li Chao, “Got a cig?”

Li Chao took out a cigarette from his bag and handed it to him . But then, the officer guarding the cell immediately began b-tching, “He’s a suspect, you can’t go close and chat with him . ”

Li Chao immediately got angry, went up, and grabbed his collar . “What, are you going to arrest me too or something?”

That officer was directly frightened . He swallowed his spittle and backed off a step, not daring to talk anymore . Li Chao then passed the cig to Xu Cheng . After Xu Cheng put it in his mouth, Li Chao came closer and lit it up for him . “Big Bro, sorry about this . We will get you out . ”

Xu Cheng didn’t really care . “It’s fine, we don’t have to give our own guys a hard time . I’m fine . It’s normal for people to yielding towards capitalism . I’m at most going to stay here for a few days . ”

Li Chao asked curiously, “Who did you offend?”

Xu Cheng grinned . “I beat up the Four Young Masters last night . ”

Li Chao’s eyelids jumped . “You are still the old you, not doing conventional things, just dripping swag . ”

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