Chapter 331.1

Chapter 331: In a Pickle (Part one)

Hearing Xu Cheng’s words, Lan Ting just smiled . “Back then, your father said that too, but he’s dead . Madam said that even if I have to tie you up, I have to send you out of the country . ”

“It’s useless . ” Xu Cheng bitterly laughed, and he tossed his military ID onto the desk . “I became a soldier as well because I inherited my father’s will . He doesn’t want to leave his home country, and neither do I . My choice is the same as my father . However, it’s not for that woman, but for my father . I won’t let the man that killed my father get away with it!”

Lan Ting looked at Xu Cheng for a long time . She nodded . “Child, I’m very pleased to see the courage in you . Just for that, you are worthy of being called ‘Young Master’ by me . But the Ryong Family is far more complicated than you think it is . ”

“It’s not simple . ” Xu Cheng looked up at Lan Ting and said, “In the Ye Family, just a lower-level person like you could drive the Li Family to yield, it’s clear how powerful the middle and upper-class in the Ye Family are . Since the Ryong Family’s on par with the Ye Family, their power and influence wouldn’t be much worse . My dad’s a pretty perfect guy, but he just had one flaw, his steel balls were too big . As his son, I obviously have that in my genes too . So, if you are going to try and talk me out of it, you can save yourself some time . ”

Lan Ting nodded . “Since you have already decided, I won’t say anymore . If you are ever in danger, you can give me a call . I will help you make arrangements and send you abroad . I will get going now . If you get into any trouble, you can give me a call too . ”

Then, Lan Ting stood up and walked to the door .

When she opened the door, Xu Cheng’s voice sounded behind her . “That woman, can I see her?”

Lan Ting sighed . “You can’t . She can’t get out at all . Although the Old Master really cherishes her and won’t kill her, he won’t let her out to bring shame to the Ye Family’s face . Her relationship with your father has been a thorn in the eyes of both Ye and Ryong families . So, no one can let her out . If you think I’m lying to you, that’s fine . But just remember, no parent in this world would harm their own child . ”

Xu Cheng immediately asked, “Then can you tell me where the Ye Family is?”

Lan Ting’s body shook slightly . “It’s best that you don’t know where it is . There are too many martial art masters, a stranger like you probably wouldn’t be able to come out alive after trespassing . Child, just let the past stay in the past, some things can’t be changed by manpower . Your mother was so loved by the Old Master, yet that didn’t change anything, so a little boy like you won’t be able to affect the outcome at all . While the Ryong Family didn’t notice you, you should keep your disguise and continue living on . In the future when you get married and have kids, you can send us photos and I will show it to Madam . This might be the best ending . ”

Then, Lan Ting left .

That night, Xu Cheng was sleepless .

The next morning, when he went for a morning jog, he saw the old man at the park . In fact, last night, Bei Shan already reported to the old man about Lan Ting finding Xu Cheng .

The old man said to Bei Shan, “This is the reason the five elders were unwilling to accept Xu Cheng into the Dragon Division . ”

Bei Shan frowned . “Then should we remind Junior Brother to not get involved in this grudge?”

The old man shook his head . “The arranged marriage between the Ye and Ryong Family was known by everyone in Yanjing . Ryong Xiao definitely wouldn’t forget about this event that lost him face big time . If he were to find out that those two had a son who was still alive, he would definitely kill him! This isn’t something Xu Cheng can decide, and it’s useless if you remind him . ”

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