Chapter 335.2

Chapter 335: I’m Not an Ordinary S-Tier (Part Two)

The moment Bei Shan heard that, he became p1ssed . “I know, you don’t have to remind me! You facking troll, you threw me under the bus!”

“Oh come on, don’t be nervous, I just want to test your true strength . To be frank, I have no idea at all the difference in power between the 4 Sky Kings and 12 Earth Kings, and that’s why I wanted to see for myself . ”

“See my a$$! Now we killed some people . ” Bei Shan squatted down and ripped open their clothes . Seeing the imprint on the chests of those four dead guards, he sighed . “They are from the Dragon Family . ”

Xu Cheng squatted down with him and asked, “Could this be the power of these big families?”

“No . ” Bei Shan bitterly laughed . “If they could represent those behemoth families, then the Ye and Ryong Family wouldn’t be big . As you already saw, these four are at least A-tier, yet they are only the Ryong Family’s high-tier bodyguards . The most powerful ones are the core members of the family, and there are at least 20 of them that reached the S-tier like me! Those facking never-die old farts of those big families are even stronger, and I think their strength is only below our division master! What do you have to play against them? These four were set on trying to kill me, and if I didn’t go all out, I wouldn’t be able to take care of them . Since I’m going all out, then I will have to kill them all or I would become the Ryong Family’s enemy as well if they go back and report . ”

Xu Cheng looked at Bei Shan .

Bei Shan was feeling a bit uncomfortable being stared at by Xu Cheng like that . “What’s with that look?”

Xu Cheng: “I’m going to tell the Ryong Family that you killed their guards . ”

Bei Shan: “No s–t, because you threw me under the bus! You saw them come up and you went to hide on purpose, didn’t you?”

Xu Cheng: “But in the end, you killed those four guards . ”

Bei Shan didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry . “Fine, tell me, other than wanting me to go and help you chop the Ryong Family, what else do you want me to do?”

Xu Cheng smiled innocently . “Tell me everything you know about the Ryong Family . As a member of the Dragon Division, you must have information on them . ”

Bei Shan: “It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you, I’m afraid that you will go and court death!”

Xu Cheng: “Senior Brother, the hate between me and that family is so deep that we can’t coexist . A battle is inevitable . ”

“In fact, I think you are probably only at the S-tier, you are really going to be courting death if you go,“ Bei Shan said .

Xu Cheng: “I’m not an ordinary S-tier . ”

Bei Shan: “You are S . B . ?” (TL Note: SB is slang for retarded in Chinese)

Xu Cheng: “Although I’m indeed S-tier on the surface, but I feel like when I fight, I can burst out SS-tier power . ”

He then lifted his arm and said, “Just take this arm for example, it’s completely unique . ”

Bei Shan: “Yeah, I’ve seen you overturn a truck with your hands . But to be honest, that doesn’t mean much . The sky king of the Ace of Spades has good strength too . He can also lift up a car when he exerts explosive power . ”

Xu Cheng pointed at his feet and said, “But I can exert explosive power from all parts of my body!”

Bei Shan said in disdain, “Any master can exert explosive power . ”

Just as he finished, Xu Cheng walked not to far away . Bei Shan didn’t know what he was doing . Meanwhile, Xu Cheng began running over and then leaping into the air, he slammed his feet onto the floor beside Bei Shan .

Bei Shan stared at him, “What are you doing?”

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything and just turned around and left .

Bei Shan was quite confused, but then he heard a loud “bam”, and the floor around him collapsed . He fell directly to the floor below!

“Holy fack!”

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