Chapter 339.1

Chapter 339: Activating Operation Slaying Dragon (Part One)

When Bei Shan turned around, Xu Cheng suddenly called him .

“Senior Brother . ”

Bei Shan turned around, “You changed your mind?”

“No . ” Xu Cheng looked at him sincerely and said, “I don’t have money on me for the taxi, lend me some . ”

“Did I owe you in my previous life or something?!” Bei Shan was speechless . He took out two hundred yuan in bills and tossed it into the window .

“Thanks . ” Xu Cheng smiled .

Bei Shan: “Go kill yourself . ”

Then, he left .

The driver asked Xu Cheng, “Where to?”

Xu Cheng suddenly didn’t know where to go next . Just then, a text from Bei Shan arrived . He clicked open it and found that Bei Shan had sent him the address of the Ryong Family . Xu Cheng faintly smiled and said to the cab driver, “Go to the airport . ”

Judging by what just happened, the Ryong Family’s assassins were menacing and kept on coming, so they didn’t seem to intend on giving up until they killed Xu Cheng . So, since he couldn’t hide, he might as well make his way over there himself and take down as many people as he could before he died . If he could kill Ryong Xiao, then his mother would probably be free, right?

On the way to the airport, a big truck suddenly came out from the intersection and blocked the way .

The driver stomped on the brakes, and just as he was about to roll down the window to swear, he was pulled back by Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng paid him the cab fare and said, “You can just drop me off here, keep the change . ”

Seeing the money, the driver let Xu Cheng off the car . As the cab drove off, a guy came down from the truck . It was already midnight, and the lights by the street were quite dim . Although Xu Cheng couldn’t see clearly what the guy looked like, he could sense the strong murderous intent from just the eyes .

There was an inexplicable silent aura on him, and that was the aura that belonged to an assassin .

He said, “Don’t fight back, and you can die without suffering . ”

Xu Cheng: “How do I live without fighting back?”

The assassin sneered . “You still want to live? Those that show resistance in front of me will only die a miserable death . Even if they reincarnate, they might still remember how painful it was . ”

Xu Cheng: “Those that say those kinds of words to me also died miserable deaths . So, in the next life, they all chose to reincarnate as animals . That way, they won’t be able to talk anymore . ”

The assassin grinned . “I like killing people like you . It’s not fun killing someone that immediately becomes hopeless when they see me . I like to see the dramatic plot twist when people like you get facked and begin struggling and begging for mercy . ”

Xu Cheng: “You might have a simple reason to kill me, but I have a lot of reasons actually to kill you . First of all, if I don’t kill you, I won’t have enough money to take another cab and go back to get my passport, because I just realized I forgot . If you don’t have money, then I will have to take your car and drive home after I kill you . So, you must die!”

Then, Xu Cheng began taking off his coat .

The assassin was speechless . He watched as Xu Cheng took off his shirt, exposing his muscular chest .

Immediately after, Xu Cheng continued to untie his belt .

The more the assassin watched, the more he suspected that there was something wrong with Xu Cheng’s head .

At last, Xu Cheng was only standing there in his boxers, looking eye to eye with the assassin .

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