Chapter 346.2

Chapter 346: Bring the Head to the Ye Family (Part Two)

Ryong Xiao lifted his foot and aimed at Xu Cheng’s face . Just when he was about to step down, Xu Cheng’s heart suddenly began beating violently, and all of the blood and muscles in his body surged, like a machine that got connected to power and suddenly began operating . His eyes immediately opened, and his ultrasound senses captured the foot that was coming down . With his arms crossed, he blocked in front of his head, stopping Ryong Xiao’s foot .

Seeing that he woke up, Ryong Xiao gritted his teeth as his face became twisted and ferocious . He said in a deep voice, “Go die!”

He lifted it up and stepped down again, trying to break the defense, but Xu Cheng suddenly jumped up backward as his feet directly hooked onto Ryong Xiao’s neck and forcefully pulled downward .

Right now, Ryong Xiao was also already almost at his limit so he fell onto the ground right away at the strike . Xu Cheng directly jumped up onto him, and he stepped onto Ryong Xiao’s arms and twisted his foot with force .

“Ah!” Ryong Xiao’s 50-year-old face suddenly looked like it aged drastically, and the pain made his whole face wrinkle with misery .

Xu Cheng aimed at his face and slammed a punch down!

“This punch, is for my dad!”

Then, he pulled back his fist and threw another one down . “This one’s for that mom of mine that was imprisoned for over 20 years!”

Then, he lifted his arm up high, and with his face covered in blood and fury, he said, “This punch! Is for the 20 years I lived like a dog because you destroyed my family!”


When that last punch smacked down, Ryong Xiao’s entire head was punched into the soil . His eyes had already lost light and became dull .

Xu Cheng finally sat back down and collapsed . He was on his back, looking at the starry sky .

At this time, in that beautiful night sky full of stars popped in Bei Shan’s face . Xu Cheng grinned at him and said, “Check for me if he’s dead yet… Right now I’m too lazy to even look . ”

Bei Shan laughed and said, “Dead, he couldn’t be more dead . You got your big revenge, do you have anything you want to say or any wishes?”

Xu Cheng was pretty tired so he said with great difficulty, “I was just thinking, maybe you can bump up my number a bit, and make me the 3 of Diamonds?”

After speaking, Xu Cheng slowly closed his eyes and seemingly fell unconscious .

The Ace of Spades slowly walked over, and he obviously heard what Xu Cheng just said . He squatted down, smiled, and said, “This brat’s pretty interesting . ”

Bei Shan bitterly laughed . “If he knew what the number 2 means, he probably wouldn’t want to get bumped up to 3 anymore!”

Then, the Ace of Hearts came over, and being pretty curious, he asked, “Say, what level do you guys think he’s at?”

Bei Shan: “When I just met him, I felt he was probably at the A tier or something . After half a month, I felt he was at the S tier . And then after coming back to the country and especially after tonight, I think he will probably break through from S . ”

The Ace of Spades: “This brat’s style is quite simple yet brutal . ”

“Oh crap! That old man’s in seclusion and he’s not at the Ryong Family Valley! Now things are getting a bit tricky . ” Just then, the Ace of Clovers walked over with a face full of worry and said, “Also, when counting the descendants of the Ryong Family, we missed that Ryong Fei that’s always out doing business . Hopefully, he doesn’t know about what happened to the Ryong Family tonight . ”

Just then, Xu Cheng suddenly sat up straight .

The four sky kings were immediately shocked by him .

Bei Shan asked him, “Didn’t you faint?”

Xu Cheng looked at Ryong Xiao’s dead body and said, “I forgot to take his head . ”

Bei Shan: “What are you going to do?”

Xu Cheng: “I’m going to head to the Ye Family and take my mom away!”

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